Christos Triantafillou (artist): “Painting is a way of expression and reaction…”


Until November 18 he exhibits his first solo exhibition entitled “General Meeting” at the contemporary art gallery BRAGGART in Larissa

By Lambros Anagnostopoulos

The visual artist Christos Triantafillou, creates surreal landscapes drawing inspiration from various places he has visited, from conversations, from his father’s library, but also from the place where he grew up. He avoids realistic depiction and emphasizes the creation of new painting compositions.

Until November 18, 2023, he is exhibiting his first solo exhibition titled “General Meeting” at the contemporary art gallery BRAGGART in Larissa.

The field of landscaping played a key role in how he dealt with the sense of space and parallel planes. In this way, he manages to create his own spaces with overlapping layersenlarging or shrinking existing objects, thus giving them disproportionate dimensions in space and time.

Talking to him about his works he mentioned that “My work is experiential, that is, my references. My origin is from Serres, near the Industrial Area, hence the factories I use in my projects. Every time I made the route Serres-Florina where I studied at the Fine Arts, I collected material. I was photographing the landscape, while I would say my father also played a role because he graduated as an Aircraft Engineer and from a young age I used to see turbines or various machines”.

He noted about what else inspires him that “in recent years in the country there have been crises, natural disasters and many people are suffering on many levels. My painting is a way of expression but also a way of reacting to everything that happens. Through the bright colors I want the viewer to feel pleasant on the one hand and to be troubled on the other.”

About the exhibition at the Braggart gallery and about his future plans he said: “I was very nervous because it is the first solo exhibition, but at the same time I am happy. As I said before seeing my works I want people to think, so far I have very good feedback from the public. I want everyone to report their own version, their own story about what they see and how they perceive a work of mine. I owe a lot to my teacher Stelios Tolios. He taught me a lot of technical things but also to stay humble.

Art, you know, is something that is constantly evolving, you always learn something new, whether you are dealing with painting, music, theater or literature. As for the future, I am looking at the near future and in my mind is the group art exhibition Concrete that will be presented at Telloglio in Thessaloniki.

On the occasion of the literary work Beton artists in an attempt to wear the shoes of Rudolph (protagonist), as Other Rudolphs, we each process with our personal visual language the Concrete of our own individuality. This exhibition will last until November 24, 2023 and will be on the 2nd floor of the Foundation”.


Christos Triantafillou was born, lives and works in Serres. He studied at the University of Western Macedonia, at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts in Florina. He combines painting and engraving in a unique way, creating works with depth, texture and aesthetic value. He has created eight graffiti murals and has taken part in group exhibitions.


Organization: BRAGGART Contemporary Gallery (Founded by Androniki Daskalou)

Duration: 25 October – 18 November 2023

Hours: Monday closed, Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-14:00, Wednesday and Friday 12:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

By appointment: 6908622813

Address: BRAGGART, art box 55 Papakyriazi & Skarlatou Soutsou, Larissa Center


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