Tradition “spoke” with Miritelos and a six-point victory for Asteras Tripoli

Tradition “spoke” with Miritelos and a six-point victory for Asteras Tripoli
Tradition “spoke” with Miritelos and a six-point victory for Asteras Tripoli

Asteras Tripoli saw Juan Miritelos anointed… scorer again, maintained his amazing unbeaten streak in Agrinio and prevailed 1-0 against Panaitolikos. A very good performance from the Arkades, who “endured” even though they were playing with 10 players from the 66th minute. The three points for Milan Rastavac’s team are a “breather” in terms of points, while the team of Yiannis Petrakis remains in the lower echelons.

Asteras Tripoli had substance, scored early and managed their advantage to secure victory in a crucial matchday 10 of the Super League. The Arkades managed to maintain the unbeaten streak they have “built” in Agrinio since 2016, thanks to the goal of Miritelos which… again provided the solution.

The guests opened the scoring in the 8th minute. Nikos Kaltsas committed the foul a few meters outside the area, the ball hit Miritelos, changed course and ended up in the net of Stefanos Kapinos. Milan Rastavac’s team had chances to score a second goal, but the home team came closest, with Joao Pedro hitting the crossbar (39′).

In the second half, Panaitolikos was… talkative and failed to threaten Nikos Papadopoulos’ goal. Carmona’s dismissal in the 66th minute with a second yellow card changed the balance, but Asteras Tripoli “endured” and managed to get a great “three points”.

The compositions of the two teams:

Panaitolikos (G. Petrakis): Kapino, Mladen, Duarte (85′ Volis), Malis, Silva Torrejon, Hatzitheodoridis (63′ Dias), Baldasara (84′ Xenitidis), Huanpi, Liavas (85′ Mavrias), Joao Pedro, Almeida Duarte (64′ Sengelia) .

Asteras Tripoli (M. Rastavats): Papadopoulos, Houhoumis, Djukanovic, Castano, Carmona, Monafo, Sourlis (71′ Valiente), Cesc (90+4′ Diarra), Bartolo (31′ Zouglis), Kaltsas (71′ Gos), Miritelo (71′ Alvares).

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