The “black hole” of the Stadium is a thing of the past: the reconstruction of the square with the historic Attikon-Apollo cinemas begins [videos]

The “black hole” of the Stadium is a thing of the past: the reconstruction of the square with the historic Attikon-Apollo cinemas begins [videos]
The “black hole” of the Stadium is a thing of the past: the reconstruction of the square with the historic Attikon-Apollo cinemas begins [videos]

FILE PHOTO: Attikon and Apollon were caught in the crossfire during the violent incidents in February 2012. Fortunately, not their interior. Screenshot via YouTube @H KATHIMERINI/

A wound in Athens that has remained open for more than 11 years is beginning to close as the building block that surrounds the historic Atticon-Apollo cinemas, which was set on fire in February 2012, is headed for regeneration and utilization.

This was announced by the president of the “Museum of the City of Athens – Vouros-Eutaxia Foundation”, Mr. Antonios G. Vogiatzis.

This renovation coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation (October 5, 1973) of this particular Museum.

However, in order to reach this point, as Mr. Vogiatzis mentions, it was necessary to overcome a series of time-consuming and difficult procedural, legal, bureaucratic, internal issues between the bodies and institutions involved in order to make it possible agreement with the investor, who will undertake the reconstruction of the complex, which is managed by the Museum of the City of Athens – Vouros-Eutaxia Foundation.

In particular, just about 4 weeks ago, an agreement was signed between the Museum and a company of Mr. Yiannis Perrotis Group of Companies for the redevelopment of the area.

  • The two historic cinemas internally have not suffered any damage and are theoretically ready for operation.

The scenarios for the regeneration of the entire complex

The first (minimum) is to configure the buildings exactly as they were before the fire of February 12, 2012.

The secondly is to erect other buildings with other uses, without affecting in the least the facade of the buildings on Stadiou Street, but in the background.

As Mr. Vogiatzis emphasizes, the facade of the existing buildings is preserved, as are the cinemas during their use.

The third, also respecting the heritage sites, will provide for the creation of even more spaces. The work will start as agreed. However, not immediately.

Mr. Vogiatzis, in the detailed and documented historical review that led not only to this agreement, but also in general to the preservation of the Museum’s life, focuses more on the decisive contribution of the Museum’s employees, who, except for one, in the difficult times supported the efforts , laying back, as he typically states. He also makes a special mention of the members of the Museum’s Board of Directors, who from the beginning are reputable personalities, who always act in accordance with the instructions of the Museum’s founder, the late Lambros I. Euftaxias..

For the record, it is mentioned that today’s new beginning for this “square” of the Center of Athens would not have been reached without the legislative regulation (paragraphs 2-5 of article 94 of Law 4714/2020) for the transition to the Foundation of Museum of the “Stamatio Dekozi Vouros Foundation (ISDB)”, as an “independent management capital”.

ISDB was founded in 1959 by the ambassador Alexandros Vouros (1871-1959) and the great-grandson of Stamatios Dekozis Vouros, Lambros I. Euftaxia (1905-1996). The “Museum of the City of Athens – Vouros-Eutaxia Foundation”, was founded in 1973 by Lambros Eutaxia and the ISDB. The 2020 arrangement led to the problems being overcome and we are now in the regeneration of the heart of the center of Athens.

With information from APE – MEB

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