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Government trolls and state-fed bigwigs attack the admiral for the umpteenth time Apostolakis.

This time they are going above and beyond and attempting to portray him as a “turkey” because he expressed concern about the POSSIBLE demilitarization of the islands. The admiral, having a full picture of what is happening on the islands, apparently considered it his duty to express his concern as roundly as he could, citing relevant reports in the Turkish press.

The admiral was so careful in his words that he avoided referring to the relevant remarks of the regional governor of the North Aegean about demilitarization, but also about the disappearance of the ASDENarch from the official religious and national holidays in the Aegean islands.

The government would do well to pack up its trolls when dealing with national issues. And Admiral Apostolakis is a stable value – recognized even by the current prime minister – and the black internet cannot make him … a smear with the help of government moles.

D. B.

The article is in Greek


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