PAME Rally for Palestine: March to the Israeli Embassy

PAME Rally for Palestine: March to the Israeli Embassy
PAME Rally for Palestine: March to the Israeli Embassy

The PAME rally is currently underway, at noon on Sunday (05/11), as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The march heads towards the Israeli embassy in Psychiko, as a result of which a section of Kifisias Avenue is closed.

“Thank you for your attitude and your great gathering” said in his greeting the head of the diplomatic delegation of Palestine in Athens, Youssef Dorhom and he greeted all the unions of PAME and all the participating artists.

At the same time, he conveyed the “warm greetings of the Palestinians to the Greek people” saying: “Palestine, Gaza, all the Palestinian people thank you for your solidarity and humanity.”

“We salute from here in Athens, to our people in Gaza, who are giving lessons of heroism to the whole world. We salute the heroic Palestinian prisoners. Our people who are resisting the occupied West Bank,” he said and among other things added: “In front of the Hellenic Parliament, I repeat our appeal to the Greek government to recognize the independent Palestinian state in the territories of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital, as it decided the Hellenic Parliament unanimously in 2015”.

A message was read at the gathering by Mohamed Amanadi, Commissioner of Popular Organizations and Trade Unions in Palestine.

In his speech at the rally, Giorgos Stefanakis, from the Food and Tourism Union of Attica, among others, emphasized:

“All of us who are here today in the Constitution, it is clear that we have chosen the right side, because there are no two right sides in the face of the merciless slaughter of the Palestinian people.” He said that “the truth is that participation and involvement is determined by the financial deals of those who value human life based on their profits. We workers have no business with these interests. They are completely against the interests of our class. We believe in the right of every people to own their land and the wealth it produces, to have their homeland. We believe in the right of the Palestinian people to defend their borders as they were established in 1967, we believe in resistance against the Israeli occupation.”

“The Greek government has put our country in a fighting position, next to the murderous state of Israel and NATO, to serve the interests of Greek industrialists, shipowners, Greek capital as a whole” he pointed out, among other things.

At another point in his speech he pointed out that “the revelation of the existence of an Israeli plan to forcibly relocate the 2.3 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and other countries, including our country, together with its abstention of the Greek government since the vote at the UN on the ceasefire, have already been bloodied in History.

“The labor movement in our country has a rich fighting tradition of solidarity with the Palestinian people. It is so intense and deep that it cannot be stopped from existing by the infuriating lies of Israeli and US-NATO propaganda, by the propaganda of the killers. The government’s support for the murderous state, which has turned a small piece of land into the world’s largest open prison and a graveyard for civilians and small children, stands in stark contrast to the popular sentiment of solidarity and support for the right of the Palestinian people, which is expressed through sensational demonstrations throughout Greece” said G. Stefanakis and concluded his speech:

“We are addressing all our brothers, the Palestinians, and we are saying to them from this great rally: You are not alone, we are with you until Freedom! Collectively and competitively! We continue to express our solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people and demand:

-Stop all support for the Netanyahu government and the terrorist state of Israel.

– No facility with bases and other infrastructure that our country does not give to USA, NATO and Israel. Let the hawks of war be unfastened now from Souda and Eleusis. The “Psara” frigate should return.

– To stop all economic – political – military cooperation with the murderous state of Israel.

– That the Greek involvement in the Israeli plan, which provides for the absorption of displaced Palestinians from Greece, does not proceed.

-Now recognition of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We continue, we do not give up, the carnage will only stop with the escalation of the workers’ struggle within each country against capitalist brutality, wars, poverty and refugees!

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