These are the 11 biggest hidden treasures in Greece, which gold hunters are frantically looking for!


Hidden treasures in Greece? No one knows if they exist, there is no proof of their existence, yet the legends of hidden treasures prompt many to pretend to be… Indiana Jones. Sometimes, with disastrous results.

Strange evidence is the attempt by strangers to find the treasure (which is rumored to exist) of Ali Pasha in the area of ​​Karditsa, as a result of which they created a huge hole in a historic bridge of the area, capable of even causing it to fall.

But why do some people so furiously hunt for treasures that no one is sure even exist?

Is it because of the abundance of free time they have? Or the great love they have for the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with Indiana Jones?

Whatever it is, the only thing certain is that some Greeks do not hesitate. They take their metal detector and pour into mountains, rivers, lakes.

And we may not know their tactics, but judging by the result… it does not bear fruit, as the most well-known and widespread treasures on Greek soil still remain… hidden. And legendary.

But who are all these treasures that are rumored to exist in Greece and are frantically searched for by would-be Indiana Joneses?

The treasure of Ali Pasha…

Ali Pasha’s treasure is a legend, which, it seems, is still moving. And not only that… It makes many believe that they can locate him and that’s why they don’t stop looking. Not in one or two places, but in many more throughout Greece.

However, his quests often involve enormous risks.

Because of the chests with the pounds, the precious stones and the other Byzantine relics from his raids which are rumored to be included in the treasure of Ali Pasha, historical bridges have been endangered lately!

Recently the gold hunters almost demolished a historic stone bridge in Karditsa, as, in their delusion and confusion, being convinced that there was the treasure they so longed for, they simply paid nothing.

And if they were looking in Karditsa, some others believe that Ali Pasha’s treasure does exist, but not in Corfu.

Others still say that it is somewhere in Lefkada, while some argue that his son took the treasure when he went to Kyutachia.

However, Vangelis Dimas had a different opinion, who a few years ago not only told everyone that he believed the treasure was in Trikala, but also decided to dig in the village of Vasiliki to find it. Finally instead of gold, he saw water.

The pig with the seven golden pigs who are looking for her everywhere

This treasure has been searched for everywhere. The legend speaks of a sculpture in the shape of a pig, according to others with piglets, made of solid gold.

The story was first heard in Ierapetra, when French archaeologists claimed to have found a golden pig with her golden pigs.

The other story centers on Dekelia, Attica, where a caisson with a golden pig, part of the collection of the former kings, is said to have been found there.

They are still looking for her in Edessa. They say that the little pig is buried under a centuries-old tree.

On the other hand, the people of Lamia know another version. They believe that the golden object is located under the People’s Square and there are actually many golden pigs there.

The treasure of the richest Turk of Morea

The reason for Kiamil-bey, who was the pasha of Corinth and the richest Turk of Morea.

Many believe that his treasure was left unclaimed when he was arrested and imprisoned during the revolution.

According to Ottoman documents from 1800, the value of his property is estimated at 500 million, while residents of Kiatos consider their area to be the best for finding this treasure. Of course they have found absolutely nothing.

In the same area, the would-be Indiana Joneses of today look beyond the treasure of Kiamil Bey and the imperial sword of Constantine Palaiologos, on which are large precious stones.

The loot of the robber Papakyritsopoulos

In Fthiotida they have their own story about a bandit, who not only managed to steal a lot of valuable loot, but even buried it somewhere on the Oiti mountain.

Legend has it that the robber did not have time to dig up the treasure before he died from the fire of the police authorities. And so, today’s Indiana Joneses search and search and search again…

Rhodope takes the lead… with three hidden treasures

Gullible it seems are the inhabitants of the Rhodopes, who know not one, but three stories about hidden treasures.

The treasures are related to Kara Ali, Petkov and Valsam Voevoda.

Regarding the first, there is a legend that Kara Ali during the period of the Ottoman Empire collected gold, pounds and silver from robberies, loaded them on seven camels and put them in a cave somewhere in the Rhodopes. The legend says that Kara Ali blocked the entrance with a huge rock, as a result of which those who see a cave with a rock in the Rhodopes today get ideas.

As for Petkov, there are still some looking for the commissar’s wooden boxes full of jewels and pounds.

Regarding the thief Valsam Voevodas, he lived and acted in Komotini, as a result of which many local women believe that he has hidden his incredible wealth that he has made from robberies somewhere. And that’s how they pour into the mountains…

The treasure of Pyrrhus in Epirus

In the mountains of Preveza for years residents have been searching for the treasure of Pyrrhus (who lived in 300 BC) and was king of the Molossians.

It is said that after the king’s wars in Italy, Pyrrhus realized that the time he would lose his life in some battle was not long and so he ordered all his riches to be buried in a mountain near Preveza.

Although the Greek Indiana Joneses search and search again, nothing at all has been found so far.

The treasure of Lykos in the Peloponnese

In the Peloponnese, the most famous treasure is related to the bandit Lykos or Lygos, from the time of the Turkish occupation.

According to an old publication of arkadia press, in the 19th century, the robber Lygos hid priceless sums of money (in gold) in the underground galleries of Mainalos, and on the other hand, Captain Perdikas (of the ELAS – Hellenic Liberation Army – from the occupying troops) hid gold there pounds.

In the summer of 2000, two Greek-American businessmen originally from Arcadia and Laconia respectively had brought a special and very expensive electromagnetic machine from the USA with a state-of-the-art Scanner. They searched Mainalo, but found absolutely nothing.

British pounds on the Continent

In Epirus, they have a passion for looking for treasure with pounds, specifically those that the rebels have probably hidden.

This time, therefore, the experts are also targeting the pounds that the British were throwing with the aim of strengthening the Greek resistance -specifically the forces of Zervas- which did not all reach their goal. Of course, it must be pointed out that the pounds did not belong to the Queen of England, but the Greek gold that had fled to Egypt and ended up in London.

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