Papadimitriou on Kikilia: “I have never heard a minister speak so awfully


New Democracy MP Babis Papadimitriou spoke about his disagreement with Vassilis Kikilia on OPEN’s “Tora Mazi” show. “I have never heard a minister speak so awfully,” he said, among other things.

“It was an incredible thing! To have a man so angry speak so awfully, so that he cannot contain his nerves and himself».

He noted that she came close to attacking him. “We got to about that, when a colleague had to come alongside us, because he perceived the violence that the whole situation exuded. It was unacceptable! I try to forget it“, he said.

“This behavior did not just surprise me, but it raised questions for me. If a man, who is called to face disasters and not anything, he is so easy to angerhe is so easy to clash in such a way, what will he do in the face of difficulties?’

“If I wanted to say something against him, thank God, I have many opportunities and occasions, I wouldn’t say it in this way”, noted Babis Papadimitriou about Vassilis Kikilia, whom he had referred to as “minister – basketball player”. Babis Papadimitriou claimed that he used the phrase in question for the Minister of Civil Protection & Climate Crisis, prompted by the recent meeting of his president SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakiswith the basketball player, Nikos Pappa.

“Your reaction must be proportionate. […] Unfortunately, they are worse than I described them. […] An apology shows a man who has realized his mistake, so far we don’t have it,” he noted.

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