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Road accident with two motorcyclists

Road accident with two motorcyclists
Road accident with two motorcyclists

A traffic accident in Heraklion with one dead and one seriously injured happened a little while ago under unknown circumstances. At the Paleokastro position on the BOAK the two large displacement engines heading in opposite directions collided with the two drivers, 45 and 62 years old, being ejected resulting in the death of the 62-year-old who was moving towards Rethymnon and the serious injury of the 45-year-old who was heading towards Heraklion. The EKAV rescuers transported the drivers to PAGNI with the BOAK Traffic Investigation Office having taken over the investigation into the fatal traffic accident.

THIS IS OUR TRAGEDY, the president of the ESYPROTA road safety association Yiannis Lionakis says in a related post on the internet. “One dead and one wounded who I hope will be fine. How long will the Sunday rides with the huge machines, on the bad roads, be a track for relaxation, for running away and for many flying to infinity, to the skies? How many more, young and older , must go to realize that this must not go on? Do we know how to operate these machines, at these speeds on these roads? Friends, have you not learned from your lost friends on the road? And the others, the rest of us who we are moving, where we are on the same road, what can we be guilty of? Now the people in charge, municipality and district, start the discussion about building a track. It will be the biggest contribution to our young people, to our children, to save the fights to save the deadly speed on the roads, in order to finally save them from… fleeing”, Mr. Lionakis points out.

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