Chrysavgi Voiou was flooded with people for the feast of the sow (video)


It was flooded with people Chrysavgi Voiou with visitors arriving from the wider area to browse the cobbled streets in the beautiful Mastorochori to enjoy the infinitely beautiful environment, the natural waterfalls and the water mill and to taste the delicious cigarettes offered by the Cultural Association of Voiots, Agia Paraskevi, which organized the pig feast in the village square.

With the good weather as an ally, the celebration attracted people of all ages who tasted the delicious concoction prepared by club members in cauldrons that simmered for hours to be offered free of charge to visitors.

For the 6th year in a row, the Kozani Voio Residents Association organized the culinary celebration which is a tradition for the region, every year in a different village with the aim of bringing the beautiful places in Ano Voio to life and rewarding residents and visitors in a feast that will last for hours.

The tsigarida celebrations are part of the tradition in the Voios area, mainly just before Christmas. Most families raised pigs to have the meat as well as the fat that comes out of roasting the tigerida which was used for pies, food and sweets.

Chrysavgi today came to life to surrender to the loneliness of winter, that only 7 residents hold Thermopylae and live in the village at this time

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