Patras – Smart city: The “umbrella” opens

Patras – Smart city: The “umbrella” opens
Patras – Smart city: The “umbrella” opens

By Andreas Kolliopoulos

The first of the 14 actions included in the file of the Strategic Planning for the Smart City, was passed by the Economic Committee of the Municipality, in order to establish an advisory body (three-member committee).

The three-member committee will arrange the details required to conduct a tender for Sub-project 3 entitled: “Smart City Actions for Water Resources” with a budget of 684,000 euros.

It is about the manufacture of smart water meters (140,000 active water meters for final consumers) by jointly composing a drinking water consumption monitoring system.

By using smart water meters with automatic daily sending of measurements via a fixed wireless network, a better management of drinking water will be possible, as well as an immediate recording in the water supply network when there are failures.

This is the first dimension of the project. The second has to do with monitoring the rainwater wells, measuring the water level through special sensors that will have been installed.

It is an intelligent monitoring system of 150 diversion wells of the rainwater network – pantorroic network that will also have an anti-theft character, alerting through the sensors of the network when metal hunters go to steal the lids or grates.

Four competitions – actions

It is the third sub-project out of a total of four that include the 14 actions that exist in the file of the Strategic Planning of the Smart City, with a total budget of approximately 6 million euros.

Corresponding advisory committees will be set up for the other three tenders that will be held for all these actions that are foreseen and which concern various sectors.

From issues of sustainable mobility (smart crossings, smart parking, etc.), to municipal electric lighting systems, municipal building management, waste and recyclable materials management, peri-urban forest fire detection, but also a smart city guide platform.

Patras, therefore, through the Strategic Planning and the money of the Recovery Fund, is going to become a Smart city, utilizing its technology and capabilities, in different fields.

The beginning was made with the Open Mall

But the beginning of what we call a Smart City has already started and is in operation through the project of the Open Trade Center. We are referring to the famous Open Mall of the Trade Association and the smart actions that have been included in it, funded by EPANEK.

These interventions related to the Smart City and undertaken by the municipality have now been completed and, despite any problems that exist, are working for the most part.

More specifically, the six solar benches and the six solar chargers, the three smart light crossings, and the 62 controlled parking spaces have been placed and installed in the territory of the Open Mall.

As regards the second part of the project, which has to do with the management of recyclable materials, a total of 23 smart bins (12 five-cubic, 11 three-cubic) have been placed in various parts of the Open Mall, with a special sign that informs the citizens for the current concerned.

However, it remains for these interventions to function in their entirety and, of course, for the public to be informed about their existence, so that they provide important facilities in the everyday life of the citizens.

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