LS Parou: Solidarity with the Palestinian people

LS Parou: Solidarity with the Palestinian people
LS Parou: Solidarity with the Palestinian people

At the last meeting of the municipal council (31/10), we brought a resolution in favor of the Palestinian people and their right to have their own homeland, condemning the policy of the USA – NATO – EU – Israel and the support of the Greek government in their plans, in attempted genocide. Despite the attempt of some to turn the victims into perpetrators and others like the mayor to observe “equal distances”, the resolution was passed by a majority and reads as follows:

“We express our solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people who have been suffering for decades from the murderous policy of the state of Israel and its government with the killing of civilians, with the encroachment of Palestinian lands, with occupation, blockades, settlements and apartheid.
A victim of this situation is the people of Israel who, as recent developments have shown, are experiencing the effects of this barbaric policy, counting their own victims. It is confirmed that as long as the occupation remains in Palestine the two peoples will not be able to live in peace and will always be in fear of a new escalation of military conflicts.
What is happening today is not the right to self-defense invoked by the state of Israel, an argument also invoked by the Greek government, but the policy of genocide of a people.
We condemn the policy of the USA – NATO – EU – Israel for the region, which involve our country more and more deeply in dangerous plans.
The Municipal Council of Paros considers that the Palestinian people have the right to live in a free and independent homeland on the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, without occupation and occupying troops, a householder in its own place, therefore it demands:
– Return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the relevant UN resolutions.
– Immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.
– To disassociate our country from any kind of participation and stop all facilitation to the USA and Israel.
– To proceed with the recognition of the Palestinian state, based on the unanimous decision of the Greek Parliament”.
We call on the institutions and unions of our island to express in the most categorical way their solidarity with the Palestinian people and to condemn the policy of genocide that has so far cost the lives of 9,500 people, half of them women and children. .

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