Larissaians support the Palestinian people

Larissaians support the Palestinian people
Larissaians support the Palestinian people

In the auditorium of the 4th Primary School instead of the Central Square as originally planned, the solidarity rally for the Palestinian people organized by the Larissa Labor Center (ECL) took place yesterday.

The main speaker was the member of the Board of Directors. of EKL, Mr. Akrivos Iasonas, who, among other things, emphasized that “we are here to once again express our solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine who are fighting for their freedom, against the occupying forces of the murderous state of Israel. This murderous state that invokes “terrorism” to justify the long occupation of the Palestinian territories and the occupation violence, which is responsible for the massive crimes against the Palestinian people. That the state of Israel has not succeeded for so many years with the settlements, the murders of thousands of Palestinians, including many children, the imprisonment and torture of Palestinian resistance leaders, with a war against those they call terrorists and can lead to a more general ignition throughout the Middle East passing characteristics of generalized war. But who really is the terrorist?’ he wondered and continued saying that “since October 7, the Israeli army with its attack on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and according to unisef’s data, has killed more than 2,360 children and wounded another 5,364. Every day it kills and injures more than 400 children. 2 million 300 thousand Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip essentially live in an open prison, surrounded by concrete walls under the complete control of the state of Israel. They face the constant lack of water, food, electricity, fuel, which were provided for a few hours of the day. While now the state of Israel has imposed a total stoppage of these goods.
The 1 million Palestinians living in the northern part of Gaza were given an ultimatum to leave their place and pile into the southern part. In many cases the convoys carrying the population were bombed by the Israeli army. Schools, hospitals, churches, were bombed with hundreds of dead. Many cities of the Palestinians have been leveled by the Israeli air force” to add that “Terrorist is the city-state of Israel that commits genocide against the Palestinian people”.
Referring to the Greek government, he said that “within this context, the Greek government of the ND has been promoting the support of the terrorist state of Israel from the very beginning.”
The event was accompanied by music by the artist Makis Topouzlis. The rally was attended, among others, by the KKE MP for Larissa, Mr. Giorgos Lambroulis, and the new mayor of Tyrnavos, Mr. Stelios Tsikritsis.

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