Mountainous Achaia: The heavenly place that seems utopian

Mountainous Achaia: The heavenly place that seems utopian
Mountainous Achaia: The heavenly place that seems utopian

In the mountains Achaia there is a heavenly place that seems utopian. With nature in it meeting in all its glory, the A planet it will surely be included among your favorite places to return to every time you want to get away from the noise and stress caused by the rhythms of the city, to indulge in the magic and tranquility of nature.

This dreamy place is located close to the Kalavrita and is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, place one can find in mountainous Achaia. A magnificent natural setting that looks fake and fascinates everyone with its unrivaled natural beauty.

At a distance of 25 km. from the most popular tourist destination of the prefecture, the Planetarium offers incredible thrills to those who visit it. The landscape looks utopian, with countless plane trees spread over a large area and its gurgling waters Aroani river to “dress up” the whole scene musically.

Protagonist in Planeteros are the age-old plane trees

The area with countless centuries-old plane treesin some of them the diameter it even touches them four meters, and the running waters of the river – in several places gushing through the rocks – is a real life experience for nature lovers. Characteristic elements that have highlighted Planiteros as one of the exceptional destinations of natural wealth, throughout the Peloponnese.

Above the sycamore forest is the homonymous villagebuilt on altitude 700 meterswhile around the springs the visitor has the possibility to have lunch at traditional taverns which are famous for their trout. In the most important parts of the area and traditional water millwhich, now renovated, still operates today.

Mountaineering enthusiasts should know that various things start here Paths within the amazing nature of the area, while it is worth mentioning that the wider area of ​​Planeteros has been included in the network Nature 2000.

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