New barrage of layoffs and resignations in the media group of Achillea Davelis

New barrage of layoffs and resignations in the media group of Achillea Davelis
New barrage of layoffs and resignations in the media group of Achillea Davelis

A new barrage of layoffs occurred in the last twenty-four hours at the “21Admedia” publishing organization of Larisa businessman Achillea Davelis.

The layoffs concerned journalistic and technical staff, from the little that was left in relation to the original start and operated until now the mass media of the group. Added to the layoffs were the resignations of executives who were allegedly offered a readjustment of their working relationships, as well as the presenter of the central news bulletin, Nikis Karaiskou, who according to information from is in discussions to take up a position in the press office of the Region of Thessaly from the new year.

Among those dismissed was the Athenian journalist Dimitris Takis as the formedia tv studio in the capital was closed. The new layoffs came as a thunderbolt to people who had started broadcasting on the channel just a few days ago. The management of the group announced to the employees that a news bulletin will be maintained and the minimum possible staff will work for it.

The operation of the “21Admedia” publishing group of Achilleas Davelis began on March 29, 2022 with an impressive event at the Divani Palace hotel presented by the well-known journalist Giorgos Kouvaras and attended by almost the entire political leadership of Larissa and beyond. The establishment of the group was presented as the journalistic business venture that would change the media map of the region by dynamically entering – as it was emphasized – the everyday life of Thessaly. It included a TV station, a radio station, a daily newspaper and an information site. Media that were a lure at the time for local media workers.

The newspaper “Politeia” was first published on April 3, 2022, but it quickly turned out to be an unsuccessful publication that could not change the facts in the local press, since in less than three months from its publication, the journalists were fired by the publisher which was designed by Marina Apostolopoulou and Yiannis Sioulas and gradually all the rest of the staff until the end of 2022. It “circulates” online to this day, offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to register as a subscriber, apparently to serve the investment project financed through a ministry fund Development the whole project.

The radio station operates as a simple repeater of the Athenian radio station Real FM, the news site after the latest layoffs has been journalistically “dehydrated” and the television station, according to the group’s owner’s announcement to the dismissed employees, will only have a news bulletin.

However, before announcing the layoffs in his own media group, Mr. Davelis had appeared, according to reports in the Athenian press, as a representative of the media group “controlled” by the Abbot of the Vatopedi Ephraim Monastery and announced that cuts should be made to everyone the workers employed in the media,, (orthodoxyia news agency) in order to make these media sustainable.

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