Is Petros Kokkalis ready to found a new green party?

Is Petros Kokkalis ready to found a new green party?
Is Petros Kokkalis ready to found a new green party?

After Stelios Kouloglou – who left SYRIZA declaring that the situation in the party “lacks seriousness” – another MEP of the party appears ready to go his own way.

The reason for Petros Kokkalis who left open the possibility of founding a new party that will focus on climate action, after the latest internal party developments in the official opposition and the election of Stefanos Kasselakis to the presidency.

In particular, speaking to the “Newspaper of the Editors” and Christina Kopsini, Mr. Kokkalis answered whether the political movement “Kosmos” which he has been developing for years will develop into a political party. “Nothing is ruled out” he said characteristically.

In more detail, responding to whether it is true that he will lead a new initiative in the form of a green party, Mr. Kokkalis replied: “Since 2019, when I joined the Progressive Alliance with the movement “Kosmos”, what I have been trying to do with all the potential of the movement is to give the political dimension to climate action which, while it is obvious in the other countries of Europe and in many countries of the world, it is not so obvious in Greece. And this is a conversation that the world of the Left seems very ripe to hear. That is, to hear that the climate crisis is not a phenomenon of the economy but a central economic issue. I think anyone who didn’t get it, got it this summer. And that’s what I want to keep doing. Because this is the reason why I am involved in politics.”

More specifically, on whether this action will become a party, the SYRIZA MEP notes that: “Right now in SYRIZA, everyone is trying to see which SYRIZA they would like and which SYRIZA fits them. It is certain that there must be enough honesty and enough synthesis to threaten the unprecedented dominance of the Right which is not in favor of climate action. It is ineffective. The Mitsotakis government remains the problem, not the solution. She has shown it and in her first term she proves it even today. I participate in this discussion within SYRIZA with anxiety and I will judge accordingly”.

Finally, as to whether everything remains open for his future in the party, he clarifies, “… when unfortunately they remain open for the founding members of SYRIZA, and much more likely of the Coalition, it obviously remains for me and for all of us in the field. Bad lies, at this time we are on a Left. Center-left, up to the progressive Center – which the statute says – in an attempt at reconstruction. For me the climate space is a constituent element of the Left. If there are schemes that have the scope and ability to fit him in, that’s even better.”

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