KKE Larisa event for Palestine

KKE Larisa event for Palestine
KKE Larisa event for Palestine

An event – discussion is organized by the Larisa Sectoral Committee of the KKE on Tuesday 7 November 2023 at 18.30 in the auditorium of the Katsigra building with the central theme of Palestine.

Speaker: ELISAIOS VAGENAS, member of the Central Committee of the KKE and head of the International Relations department.

In a related announcement, the following are highlighted:

“The Palestinian people for decades have been experiencing a real genocidewith a hundred and two dead, with occupation of Palestinian territories, with apartheid and blockades, imprisonments, tortures. The state of Israel with the support of the US – NATO – EU, violating even UN resolutions, expands the occupation, keeps 2,000,000 Palestinians in an open prison regime in the Gaza Strip, builds illegal settlements taking land, water and other natural resources. Bombings, military operations against civilians are Israel’s response to the Palestinians’ reasonable response to this situation.

A victim of this situation is the people of Israel who, as recent developments have shown, are experiencing the effects of this barbaric policy by counting their own victims. It is confirmed that as long as the occupation remains in Palestine the two peoples will not be able to live in peace and will always be in fear of a new escalation of military conflicts.

Right is with the struggling people of Palestine

for his right to have his own state, his own homeland!

The ND government, assisted by the entire spectrum of the Euro-Atlantic political “bloc” (SYRIZA, PASOK, “Spartiates”, etc.)seems determined to “turn its back” on the biggest murderous operation against a “crowded” people in the giant global prison, Gaza, involves our country deeper and deeper in these NATO plans:

  • He has sent the Greek frigate PSARA escort to the American aircraft carrier that supports the attack on the Palestinians, while other Greek warships (SALAMIS, AEGEAN) they are in the wider area, as part of NATO missions ready to get involved.
  • After activating Souda’s base, already proceed to the next stepgranting her 112th Fighter Wing at Elefsinawhere the Americans will station dozens of their aircraft, support transports, flying tankers, a real base of war for the Middle East.
  • In our city, 110 AM has turned into a base for American killerswhile its infrastructures are constantly being upgraded in order to increase their operational capabilities by involving even more our region and our city in their murderous plans.
  • He is directly involved in the plan of violent displacement of 2 million Palestinians to other countries. Shipbuilding companies are preparing a plan to transfer their ships to Israel and to the Gaza Strip with an intermediate station in Cyprus, in another development that reflects the country’s involvement in the plans of the USA – NATO – EU and Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people.

In these hours when there is a shocking global wave of solidarity towards the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation, we denounce Israel’s horrific crimes in the Gaza Strip, with over 8,000 dead Palestinians, 18,000 wounded, 3,500 dead children, one dead every 15 minutes. The Palestinian people are suffering, dying without medicine, in run-down hospital units lacking even the basics, with over 170,000 homes and 140 schools leveled.

The recent large demonstrations in our city, throughout the country clearly show how our people shows its solidarity, its support for the heroic Palestinian people, it rises up against our country’s involvement, the murderous designs of the state of Israel and its accomplices, the USA, the EU, NATO, Britain, demanding the recognition of the state of Palestine, as decided in 2015 by the Greek Parliament, but all governments defiantly refuse to implement.

Now we have to step up the fight!

  • Stop the carnage in Gaza!
  • No support for the Netanyahu government and the terrorist state of Israel. No provision of facilities, bases and other infrastructure, which turn our country into an oppressor of the Palestinian people.
  • To return all the Greek frigates from the North Mediterranean, to prevent the airport of Larissa, Elefsina, the base of Souda from becoming military bases of NATO in the Middle East. Close all foreign bases!!!
  • No passenger or commercial ship shall be used for war purposes and operations.
  • To stop any economic – political – military cooperation with the murderous state of Israel!
  • To strengthen the struggle for the right of the Palestinian people for a free and independent Palestine on the borders of 1967, with Anat as its capital. Jerusalem.
  • With the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homesbased on the relevant UN resolutions and the immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.”

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The article is in Greek

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