Patras: The “ruffian” bonus in the context of tax evasion hunting


04 Nov 2023 16:12

The form has already brought reactions in the market…

In addition to the double pretense tax that the new bill seems to impose on small and medium-sized professionals who declare an income of less than 10,000 euros a year, there is another form that is expected to provoke reactions.

This form has to do with the bonus for those who go and in essence “nail” a business that evades taxes, without cutting receipts and not following legal procedures.

The bonus that exists in the bill under the pretext of hunting tax evasion starts from 300 and reaches up to 3,000 euros.

According to market players, this form will create significant problems between the relationships of businesses that have a competitive framework, nailing each other at every opportunity, in order to damage it.

There is also the moral aspect of the matter. “They want to turn us into ruffians in order to increase the revenues of the public treasury” commented a market agent.

“That’s where they’ve come… They’re taking us back years to other times. Instead of strengthening their services to do the necessary checks they make us nail each other? Possible;”.

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Patras: The “ruffian” bonus in the context of tax evasion hunting

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