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My watermelons, very good morning. I never, not even, it’s not me… and yet, I caught covid. Finally, I began to believe that I was the only person in the world who did not get vaccinated and did not catch it. What happened I said, me because he doesn’t want me. Because I’m always in the minority. And here it is, better late than never. On the fourth night, he showed two lines and I just didn’t party.

I’ll start with something… unpleasant. At the municipal council, Argyris Pantazopoulos came out and told us that his dad died and he went to the cemeteries where he found that the situation is miserable due to lack of staff. He also told us that “the way we treat the dead is indicative of our culture.”

First of all, many condolences for your dad. Secondly, why do you say this, to make me look bad? Don’t you feel a little sorry for me? I mean, did your dad have to die for you to see the devastation? You were in charge for 5 years (and you still are), didn’t you go to another funeral? Are all plantains in your circle (I hope they are)? I imagine you don’t have a garbage can outside your house to see that we have a problem there too?

Better not talk, my Silver, two months left. Let it be over and they go to your little house and don’t bother. He was running for five years and now he’s kicking my Silver? It doesn’t work like that, my dear, be strong and remember him. You better get another degree and stop the interventions. What degree? I know, ask Saki ……

You see, the deputy mayor doesn’t give up. He is not complacent. It seems they have an empty wall at home and want to fill it with picture frames. What, what are you saying bro, it’s not a degree? What is; Let me bring it closer and see.

Aaaaaand praise from the catechistoooooooo, in fact. Probably because he ran a pure, honest and trouble-free pre-election campaign, as his co-candidates say, and the metropolis rewards him… What can I say, always like this my Saki.

Stefanos also came to Yida. You got it right, Kasselakis. What should I try? Where two days ago the whole FB was filled with testosterone from some who would fuck him… like before he even arrived in Niseli? Where some wondered if he will bring favors from his wedding? How many more like this my God from some who think the world is made just for them.

Finally he came and people gathered and he climbed on the chair and won the impressions and drank coffee and left. It just didn’t remind me of a future prime minister’s visit. Above it looked like a visit from a pop star. The selfies were raining down. Are you going to tell me, they were taking pictures with Kyriakos here, they won’t take pictures with Stefanos? You are right.

No description available.

No description available.

I also have a question. The municipal authority, where was it? Kojaman opposition leader came, why didn’t they show up? We didn’t tell you to vote for him, to welcome him simply because he “did us the honor of coming to us”. Would Kyriakos be angry, you say? After all, are you an administration only for the right-wing or for all of us? I wish we all voted like you do. Something tells me things would be completely different.

And we’re going to the October 28 parade. Okay, we’ve seen better ones here. I want to ask a big apology to all the teachers who I have been slandering for so many years and now they dress in kelebia or …. they have disappeared. And to make them mini and décolleté…. what good times!!! Should I have opened my mouth and spoiled it all? To eat……

This year they were all dressed as daisies. Only one was wearing a pair of heels 5 sizes bigger but I didn’t get to take a picture of her. But even if I took it off I wouldn’t put it on (hahahaha I don’t believe me either). In this parade I will be a good man. I will not speak either of buttons that were ready to go, nor of badges of officials who took them away, nor of ladies who put on Arta and Ioannina and went out.

I will only say that Police Greece’s Next Top Model found its first candidate doll.

No description available.

Of course, I was looking for Niki, but it seems she ignored me and hid.

And I’ll start with the church. The usual service was done and the officials, not in the mood, went once more. Today we will talk about the posture of the body and especially the hands. See the hands of Gyrinis and Deliopoulos and on the cap see Moschopoulos and Bartzokas.

No description available.

According to the rules governing the reading of the body, Moschopoulou is running for MP (and not for mayor) and Deliopoulos for mayor (and not for MP).

Will you tell me, from a tying of hands you understood what will happen in the future? Here the police figured out Babis Anagnostopoulos that he killed Caroline from the way he scratched his ear, I won’t figure it out. It’s over, Olga will run for MP (she tried it in the past), period. And if you want my opinion, why not, she is both capable and intelligent.

Where I get a little stuck is with Deliopoulos who, as he told me in the interview, will take the ring of succession. He didn’t tell me when he will get it because I don’t see Gyrinis giving it any time soon. If you expect this my Stefan to sit in his house, you are long gone. It’s like Gollum in Lord of the Rings who chased it (the ring) while he was alive. The thing is, can you be the Bilbo who pushed Gollum into the lava and freed the Shire once and for all?

Take a short break, Sasmus has started and I don’t want to miss the sequel. What a mess, damn it, but it’s not my fault. This feud will haunt me for life. See you later.

No description available.

Look at it, a lot of suspense, a lot of intrigue, a lot in all of it. Anyway, moving on. Kimonas Paraschou was also present at the laying of wreaths but…. very different. Another air breathed into his appearance. Really Kimona, Stefani, why don’t you testify? Here even the electricians testify that in the 40’s we had no electricity. Badly.

Anyway, I say different because it had a bit of a Hollywood feel to it. Very nice outfit and very nice style. It reminded me…..

No description available.

Can I ask something; Anyone can go and stand in the place where the officials are standing? On March 25th I will also go because I was flag bearer in the sixth grade and president of the fifteen-member high school. Whoever looks at me the wrong way has painted her.

For me, of course, the impressions were stolen once again by my godmother. I tell you the truth, I have her as a godmother, even though she is 100 years younger than me, her father baptized me. Always with her own style, unique, she doesn’t deviate in anything. Bitten Daphne.

No description available.

Not even Amoridis has that much lace on his shelves. Really, when you look at her, she doesn’t remind you of a lead character in a period series, or is it just me? He stood comfortably in the Pantheons but is more suitable elsewhere. Let’s see.

No description available.

For parade I decided not to show you anything from Alexandria. Yes, you read that right, nothing at all. The reason is because the impressions were stolen by another parade, this one in Neohori. I have no words to describe. Not the kids and the club that paraded, no, no, they were awesome.

The issue was the audio. First, I didn’t understand if they had microphones or put in a funnel. Second, there was no music. And thirdly and best of all, because you can’t do it without music, the role of the band was taken over by…. chanter. And not only did he sing, but he also arranged the songs. In the end, Macedonia did not “drive out the barbarians” but the…

Next year I will ask to go and lay a wreath there, I don’t want to miss out on anything. Yannopoule, call me, please.

But all this is nothing but the beautiful, the great and the great… The second place was taken by GEL Koryfis-Plateos in the 2nd pan-Hellenic local history competition in Athens. Well done to the students Kyriakidis Efstathio, Greba Georgios, Athena Yiannopoulou, Antonia Efstathiadou, Efstathiadis Nikodimos and Achillea Godopoulos.

No description available.

And I’ll give you an idea, mayor, so you don’t say I’m just chasing you. You should also reward these children, who work hard and it sounds like something good for our municipality. I tell you because the story is one thing and the… physical therapy. I hope I made myself clear.

That’s it for today, have a good month everyone and take care. See you next Saturday.

The article is in Greek

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