They talked about the “Contribution of the Resistance to the rescue of the Jews of Thessaly” tonight in Larissa (video


The people of Larissa who attended tonight, Wednesday evening, the event organized by the Vice-Mayor of Culture & Science of the Municipality of Larissa at the National Resistance Museum of Larissa, had the opportunity to learn about the “Contribution of the Resistance to the rescue of the Jews of Thessaly” old prisons.

“The National Resistance Museum of Larissa, through its events, highlights the courage and determination of the people who fought for the values ​​of freedom and justice, with the aim of inspiring the new generations to fight for the same values, the same ideals” the outgoing deputy mayor for Culture and Sciences, Mr. Panos Sapkas, points out in a statement.

He further emphasized that: “The rescue of the Jews during the Second World War and the current situation in Gaza are different historical events, but there are some parallel aspects that can highlight important lessons, about the need to defend human rights and promote of peace”.

The guest speaker was the Assistant Professor of History of Exclusions and Discrimination (Modern History) in the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Athens. Mrs. Maria Kavala, who researches the Greek social and economic history during the interwar period, the years of German occupation and post-war, the genocide of the Jews, as well as the history of ideologies and practices of exclusion and discrimination in the 20th century. During her research career, she has participated in international and Greek conferences and research projects.

In her speech she referred to how Greek Jews and Christians lived in the pre-war period, in the areas of Volos, Karditsa, Larissa, and Trikala, what happened during the Occupation and how the organized Resistance of EAM-ELAS and with the participation of a significant number Jewish fighters, helped to hide or take refuge in the mountain the members of the Jewish communities and thus less than 1/3 of them fell into the hands of the Germans.

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