Baking it for an organized hike in November?

Baking it for an organized hike in November?
Baking it for an organized hike in November?

The perfect season to hit the mountains is here, and trekking groups have gone wild, offering one exciting one-dayer after another. What forests, what mountain peaks, what waterfalls, what paths for beginners and more demanding ones for advanced hikers, Bakhtseh has everything. And if you don’t know where to start, we made a first list of some of the nicest organized hikes for this November.

Hiking in Mainalo
Sunday, November 12

The Stronger Every Mile hiking group organizes this easy hike (difficulty level 2/5) in the magical mountain of Arcadia, which starts from the village of Elati, descends to the bank of the Mylaionta river and ends after 8.5 km in Vytina for food. The last part of the route is, according to the organizers, the most beautiful: “We move through tall riparian vegetation of sycamores and we will successively encounter the ruins of three water mills. After the wooden bridge over the Barba stream, we climb a nice carved path that brings us to the Artotsi fountain. From here, through various streets, we enter Vytina and end up in its central square.” The cost is €35 per person, and the meeting point is the Agia Marina metro station, at 7.00 in the morning. Details here.

Autumn chestnut hunting on Parnonas
Sunday, November 12

Our beloved Active Sundays organizes this autumn hike in Parnonas, starting from Karyes and continuing deep into the chestnut forest. “At the foot of Mount Parnon, another enchanting, easy and playful route awaits us in an amazing forest of golden-yellow chestnuts and oaks at this time, separated by a fairy-tale stream with incredible jungle-like vegetation,” explain the organizers. The route is about 10 kilometers long, and lasts around 4 hours, and is of moderate difficulty (grade 3/5, also suitable for beginners as long as they are in good physical condition). The participation fee is €36 per person, and the departure is at 7.00 in the morning from Peristeri. Details here.

Hiking to Parnassos
Sunday, November 5

Combo Ride organizes this super hearty East Parnassos hike, covering just over 11km in five and a half hours, passing some of its most beautiful scenery: The Agiarsali Monastery built in the 12th century by Knights Templar of the 4th Crusade, the stream of Keramidi or Varsamos with its wooden bridge, the dense fir forest around the Byzantine chapel of Ai Giannis Prodromos and the old path that leads to Amfikleia. “A unique route in northern Parnassos, in a field that in its largest part is quite passable and does not approach the high altitudes and the alpine zone of the mountain” as the organizers explain. The participation fee is €34, and the meeting point is Eleonas metro at 7.15. If you prefer, you can go with your own car, paying €8 less. Details and reservations here.

Sfyrida Path
Sunday, November 12

Next Destination will be our guide on Section 6 of the legendary Menalon Trail, which starts from the Arcadian village of Magouliana, passes through the historic hermitage of Sfyrida and the monastery of Panagia Kernitsa, and ends in Nymphasia. Here’s a taste of the route, as described by the organizers: “Tall fir trees all around us the whole way as we descend the path and head towards the hermitage of Sfyridas. Even the ground wears its green clothes and in many places we will see mushrooms decorating the beautiful natural environment. After about 40 minutes in the forest, we approach the hermitage of Sfyridas. The place is very beautiful and the hermitage itself is built into the rock, from which it has a nice view. In front of him is the courtyard with the running water that comes out of the mountain. In the yard, a bench at the edge with a nice view between the fir trees and the opposite slopes”. The cost of participation is €30 per person, and the meeting point is the metro of Agios Antonios at 6.50 in the morning. Details and reservations here.

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