Loukas Katsaros on the death of Yannis Prindzos

Loukas Katsaros on the death of Yannis Prindzos
Loukas Katsaros on the death of Yannis Prindzos

In his statement, the former Prefect of Larisa, Loukas Katsaros, on the death of Yiannis Prindzos, states:

“It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my colleague and friend, Prefect of Magnesia and a prominent figure of Thessaly Yannis Printzou.
Giannis was a real fighter for the Self-Government, a man of contribution and consistency, with a vision for Magnesia, to which he offered an important project.
I particularly want to emphasize the breadth of his spirit and the panthessalian perception that characterized him. It was this perception that allowed us to promote the major road axes to Trikala and Karditsa, but also Eastern Thessaly, the airport of Thessaly in Nea Aghialo, and also the case of the coastal connection of the prefectures of Larissa and Magnesia.
Unfortunately due to illness from Covid I will not be able to attend the final farewell. But I express my deepest condolences to his family. Let the love and appreciation of the people of Magnesia for his person be their consolation”.

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