Launch of the “Marque France” campaign (also) in Greece


“Love for the part and know-how, the will to serve an authentic vision, without copying others: this is what the words Make It Iconic mean. Choose France.”

Emmanuel MACRON, President of the Republic

On October 30, 2023, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced an initiative aimed at strengthening the attractiveness of France in all areas: University studies, tourism, foreign investment, trade, etc.

The Marque France initiative will mobilize the French services abroad for the benefit of the promotion of France, so that the best talents of all countries choose it to realize their dreams.

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The Ambassador of France in Greece, Laurence Auerpresented this initiative during a Press Conference organized at the Embassy of France in the building of Vasilissa Sophia.

State, country, nation: France is the embodiment of a language, a culture, a way of life.

Furthermore, France is a philosophy: an approach to things, with faith in humanity, with ecumenism which governs the functioning of the State, self-government, schools: the motto “liberty, equality, fraternity” reflects an unlimited belief in the ability of each and everyone to fulfill their most ambitious dreams.

In France, great women and great men have left an indelible mark on History. From sports to cinema, from fashion to space, from architecture to gastronomythe French and the French still point the way to tomorrow.

Thanks to all this, France is already present on five continents. But we want to take on a new challenge: for France to attract even more people, even more visions.

To remain a leading country in the 21st century, a cultural point of reference as well as a front-line economic factor that continues to magnetize investors, France acquires the Marque France, a mark of excellence that starts from tradition and reaches digital and scientific innovation.

We invite investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to come to France, with the aim of helping them turn their ideas and dreams into reality. With the Marque France initiative, we highlight our services, our products, everything that is “Made in France”, the know-how that France can export abroad. By promoting the above, France strengthens the credibility of its businesses and supports its exports.

“The Marque France initiative will be an invitation to France for those who want to venture into their business activity”

Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

On October 30, 2023, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced the launch of the “Marque France” campaign, an initiative aimed at further strengthening France’s attractiveness in all domains: university studies, tourism, foreign investments , commerce.

The French ambassador in Greece, Laurence Auer, presented this initiative during a press conference held at the French Embassy.

Etat, pays, nation : la France est l’incarnation d’une langue, d’une culture, d’un art de vivre.

La France, c’est également une philosophy : un regard sur le monde, une foi en l’humanité, une vise universaliste qui orne le fronton de ses mairies et de ses écoles : “liberté, égalité, fraternité”, reflet d’une creyance sans limite dans la capacité de chacun de ses citoyens à devenir ce qu’il aspire à être, à realize ses rêves les most audacieux.

La France, ce sont aussi de grandes femmes et de grandes hommes qui ont marque l’Histoire. From sport to cinema, from fashion to spatial conquest, from architecture to gastronomy, French women and French continue to show the way of the future.
Si la France rayonne sur les cinq continents, si elle attire et fait rêver, c’est grâce à tout cela. But we want to raise a new challenge here: faire que la France rayonne, attire et fasse rêver encore davantage.

To remain an essential country in the current century, to remain a cultural benchmark as well as a first-class economic actor, to continue to attract investors and talents to it, France needs a brand France, which will ‘echo de la diversity de ses champs d’excellence – dans les savoir-faire traditionnels comme en matière d’innovations numériques ou scientifiques.

With the brand France, we invite investors and talents from around the world to come create on the land of innovation that is France. We will be there to accompany them so that they realize their ideas and their dreams in entrepreneurship and investment projects.

With the France brand, we also put the light on our nuggets, our services, our products, on the “made in France” and on the wide range of expertise that France has to offer, to better support them internationally . By promoting their image, the France brand will strengthen the credibility of our companies and our products on foreign markets, and stimulate exports.

Iconique, dans l’imaginaire collectif comme dans la réalité, la France pourra ainsi vehicule ce “je ne sais quoi” de creativité, d’inventivité et d’audace that characterizes her.

“La marque France sera pour tous ceux qui veulent oser, une invitation à choisir la France”

Catherine Colonna, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs


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