Ev. Liakoulis: “Risk of disengagement of young farmers due to climate crisis!”

Ev. Liakoulis: “Risk of disengagement of young farmers due to climate crisis!”
Ev. Liakoulis: “Risk of disengagement of young farmers due to climate crisis!”

In a question to the Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Evgenaki Eleftherio the Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of PASOK – Movement for Change and MP of Larissa proceeded, Evangelia Liakoulistogether with her colleagues, regarding the effects of climate change on the New Farmers and their prospects, which seem increasingly unfavorable, especially in light of the recent catastrophic weather events in Thessaly.

As the member of parliament from Larissa emphasizes in the text of the question:

“Agriculture and animal husbandry, in recent years, are particularly exposed to the effects of climate change. Increased variability in seasonality disrupts agricultural production cycles, while changes in rainfall patterns and extreme weather events such as heat waves, prolonged dry spells, off-season prolonged rainfall, frost, increased temperatures during winter , create serious problems in the orderly operation of agricultural holdings.

The volatile factors that all those involved in the primary sector are now forced to face are obviously deterrents to employment, since the risks of the sector are constantly increasing. The only certain data that the producers have in their hands are the cultivation costs that will be paid to complete the requirements of their production, while their income and inputs from their occupation remain doubtful and uncertain.

Such a problem appears to be faced by the New Farmers of 2021 throughout the Territory and especially in Thessaly, since the requirements of the integration program are binding, having as a basic and fundamental obligation to carry out turnover (sales based on E3), which to come from agricultural activities at least equal to 50% of the program’s Standard Performance”.

In this context and given that a new farmer, whose productions were destroyed or are negligible due to various damaging causes, not covered by insurance, through no fault of his own, is not able to show sales from agricultural activity, Evangelia Liakoulis asks the responsible minister: “how does the Ministry of Rural Development & Food intend to resolve the issue arising with the New Farmers, who have been affected by various damaging causes, but do not have the ability to price their products, so that they are not excluded from the said Program”.

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