They spread tarpaulins and stole olives in the “black” midnight


The incidents of theft of olives and olive oil are increasing, with the most recent being recorded in a village of the municipality of Chalkida in Evia.

In particular, the brazen perpetrators had spread tarpaulins and were stealing the olives they were picking from a foreign field.

However, someone seems to have seen them and alerted the Deputy Mayor of the area who rushed to the scene and recorded on video what he witnessed in the “black” midnight.

As the deputy mayor of Anthidonas Kostas Karvounis told MEGA, he was notified about the incident around 12 midnight.

“The Municipality has a service that deals with municipal lighting. I was informed by electricians that there is mobility in this area. It is an area just 200 m from the last houses of the village,” he said.

“We went to the scene together. We found the sails, the police had also come. The perpetrators were on the run, we think it was one or two, we saw some shadows. They work at night, collect a small amount and extract oil”, he added.

According to what the deputy mayor mentioned, this is not the first time something like this has happened in the area. Incidents of oil theft have also occurred in the past, as the price of olive oil has risen.

Watch the video:

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