The barufes of the barbs | EFSYN

The barufes of the barbs | EFSYN
The barufes of the barbs | EFSYN

“Creative accounting”. In plain Greek it means balamouti with the numbers. That is, you tease the numbers and present a result that may mock reality, but if you have the power to enshrine it in the public debate, neither cat nor damage. Those who are tired of looking deeper, those who swallow unchewed the grandiose baubles marketed to them by the so-called experts, get comfortable, go on with their lives, vote for the perpetrators and when the time of reckoning comes, they play the role of cutthroats.

Creative accounting it is implemented by the financial staffs of governments in order to secure the sympathy of the electorate. We implemented it in an elaborate way, with the tolerance of our European friends, of course, during the period of the country’s accession to the EMU. We weren’t hitting most of the targets, but that was a minor detail. Later, during the economic collapse, when everything was out of control, some partners remembered the alchemy we did, but it was too late. Moreover, their governments also helped to make this “miracle” happen. Then they…helped us again, this time loading us with memos that we don’t know when we’ll get rid of (if ever).

“Creative Ambiguity”. You don’t want to take a clear position on a serious issue that concerns a lot of people, you know that both “for” and “against” can hurt you, but since both options have supporters, you decide to move somewhere in the middle. You’re saying something confusing, something deliberately vague so that you won’t be classified on either side. This method has been applied by many in their personal relationships, it has been adopted by party leaders and of course governments to avoid getting involved in delicate issues for which they have not decided what to propose. You think, you buy time, you delay. But if you do it systematically, you risk slipping into lightness. No one will count you out.

Version of creative ambiguity it is creative abstinence. The term was used by the Mitsotakis government to justify its position at the UN regarding the Middle East. And he is proud, despite the fact that there are reactions in the parliamentary group of the New Democracy. The party that owns the country doesn’t give a damn about the criticism of the opposition parties, but it is obliged to take the complaints of its MPs into account because it is the second blow it has received in a few days. It was preceded by the poor performance of its candidates in the second round of the regional and municipal elections, where MPs and local officials of the New Democracy, according to the assessment of the leadership, did not fight with all their strength.

Who was waiting? to have a different approach to the high priest of the government of the barbarians at the UN? On all international issues he has passionately supported US choices. He did it with the Ukrainian, he is doing it now with the Middle East. It doesn’t even occur to him to do anything else. Wasn’t he the one who said publicly that Greece is a predictable and given ally? Isn’t he constantly harping that we’re on the right side of history? What did you want, to start putting asterisks in public announcements like Andreas Papandreou in the era of his omnipotence? He doesn’t have the will either, but above all he doesn’t have the guts. And Andreas Papandreou, despite the anti-American and anti-imperialist things he said before becoming prime minister, did not question the Karamanli doctrine “we belong to the West”, but he did not hesitate to express his disagreement at times in the EEC and NATO. And in the conservative faction we had “heretical” voices. Constantinos Karamanlis and Kostas Karamanlis sometimes kept their distance. They were allies, but not predictable and given.

I’m going back

SYRIZA insists on the issue of wiretapping. PASOK also insists. European Union committees are also insisting. The government; It refers to the independent Judiciary. And she; Moves files from prosecutor to prosecutor.

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