Large anti-war – anti-fascist rally in Nea Ionia and Neo Heraklion (VIDEO – PHOTOS)

Large anti-war – anti-fascist rally in Nea Ionia and Neo Heraklion (VIDEO – PHOTOS)
Large anti-war – anti-fascist rally in Nea Ionia and Neo Heraklion (VIDEO – PHOTOS)

Speaking at the gathering in Simirioti Square, Diana Liakou, president of the Association of Teachers of Nea Ionia – Heraklion – Metamorphosis – Lykovrysi “G. SEFERIS” underlined that, “today with our grand gathering we respond to the repression, the governmental cover-up of the fascists and the concerted effort of the government and the media to hide the heinous crime that is happening in the Gaza Strip.

Today we join our voice with the people of Palestine who for decades have been experiencing a real genocide, with hundreds of dead, with the occupation of Palestinian territories, with apartheid and blockades, imprisonment and torture by the murderous state of Israel with the backs of the USA, NATO and the EU which is now drowning in blood the Palestinian people in Gaza with 8,500 already thousands dead and injured, the majority of them children, women and civilians”.

In the continuation of her speech, N. Liakou mentioned that, “we the teachers of the children have a responsibility towards the new generation, we fight to equip our students with values ​​such as solidarity, collectivity, the fight for a better future for the whole people!

We are suffocated by the injustice of the killing of the little children, who are dug out of the rubble leveled by the bombs, who will not go to school, who will not even grow up in this cruel world. It is infuriating to watch parents write children’s names on their bodies to identify them. The least we can do is to speak to our students telling the truth, to take advantage of the action decided by our Association “G. SEFERIS” “A painting for Palestine”, let’s stand on the right side of History. Let’s join our voice with the thousands of workers today here, on Sunday November 5 at 11 am, at the Syntagma and in every competitive mobilization”.

And the speaker concluded by emphasizing, “(We say to them) Competitors, the people are right and they will win! The right is engraved in the people’s memory! Victory in the fight given by Palestine! Good luck in our matches!”

K. Toukas: We stand by the Palestinian people

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