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The 54-year-old who was electrocuted in Heraklion is out of ICU and with signs of communication

The 54-year-old who was electrocuted in Heraklion is out of ICU and with signs of communication
The 54-year-old who was electrocuted in Heraklion is out of ICU and with signs of communication

The 54-year-old remains in serious condition and is under close medical observation

The 54-year-old builder-oil painter has been out of the Intensive Care Unit since Tuesday evening, who last Thursday was struck by lightning while carrying out maintenance work, as a result of which he fell from a height onto the pavement and was seriously injured, in an area of ​​the city of Heraklion.

According to secure information, Mr A 54-year-old Cretan, father of a minor girl, left the ICU of the Triassios Hospital where he had been airlifted a few 24 hours ago, due to the severity of his injuries.

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In particular, as mentioned in and “New Crete”, the chairman of the Labor Center, Stelios Borgias, the 54-year-old remains in serious condition and is under close medical observation.

Nevertheless, the 54-year-old reportedly regained some contact with the environment.

It is noted, however, that it has not been clarified competently whether the electric shock he suffered affected the functioning of his vital organs, something that remains to be seen in the next period.

The Chronicles

It was around 11 am last Thursday when the 54-year-old builder-oil painter was carrying out maintenance-painting work at a supermarket, at the junction of Paraskevopoulos and Ionia streets, in Heraklion. Under unknown circumstances – some information refers to a cable with which he came into contact – the 54-year-old was “struck” by the electric current and fell from a height onto the pavement, resulting in serious injuries. The 54-year-old was picked up by an EKAV ambulance and taken to PAGNI. According to information, during his transfer to the hospital, he maintained contact with the environment.

Unfortunately, however, in PAGNI there was no bed available in the Intensive Care Unit. It should be noted that according to the testimonies of workers, the disinfection procedures at PAGNI had – among other things – put several ICU beds out of operation. According to reliable information, an attempt was made to transfer the 54-year-old to the General Hospital of Chania. This, however, never happened, as no intensive care bed was available either in Chania or in Venizelio Hospital.

As he had mentioned before for several days Mr. Borgias, for several hours the 54-year-old was hospitalized in the “emergency room” of PAGNI, “with open wounds and with a great risk of infection!”. Mr. Borgias visibly indignant emphasized the fact that he is “unthinkable that there is not a single ICU bed available in all of Crete!”. “They should all be ashamed. All the MPs of Crete – and especially those of the government – who have been watching all this for so long and are doing nothing!” Finally, after many attempts, a solution was found and the 54-year-old was airlifted to Attica and Thriasio Hospital.

Besides, a few days ago, the president of the PAGNI Workers’ Union and a member of the Board of Directors. of POEDIN, Dimitris Vrysalis had reported that the “the incident with the transfer of a critically ill patient to the Thriasio Hospital due to the lack of an ICU bed in PAGNI and on the island as a whole confirms what we had emphasized that the reduction of available ICU beds will worsen even more and will cause serious problems both in the reduction of regular cardiac surgeries, thoracic surgeries and other serious cases, which often require post-operative intensive monitoring, as well as for emergency cases requiring an ICU bed”.

According to Mr. Vrysalis, “the risks of insufficient and understaffed ICUs and surgeries for the health of patients are enormous. We had pointed it out. Morbidity and mortality will increase if critically ill patients are hospitalized in non-ICU clinics or when their surgical management or intensive care is significantly delayed. But health is not a priority for governments and administrations, but cost reduction. (…) There are approximately 60 nurses working in the PAGNI ICU, while at least 100 are needed to operate safely. About half of the working nurses are assistants and specialists, i.e. contract workers and workers who are still being trained. And the medical staff has been reduced, as, after several departures, 14 intensivists remain (whereas previously there were 19). The cleaning staff as well as the transporters covering the PAGNI ICU are also insufficient.”

The article is in Greek

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