Exclusive CNN Greece: The ELAS block of 21 Italian far-rights in El. Venizelos

Exclusive CNN Greece: The ELAS block of 21 Italian far-rights in El. Venizelos
Exclusive CNN Greece: The ELAS block of 21 Italian far-rights in El. Venizelos

The CNN Greece brings to light exclusive video since its people THE GREEK POLICE set up “block” and arrest at the airport the 21 extreme right from Italian neo-fascist movement and former political party “Casa Pound”.

The members of the fascist organization arrived in Greece in order to participate in the far-right gathering for 10 years from the murder of the two gold diggers.

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According to information, the president of the organization is among the 21 people, while members of the fascist organization in Italy are said to support with their statements that the arrest of the 21 Italians will not prevent the far-right from setting up a fiesta today at the scene of the murder of the two goldsmiths in the Neo Iraklio.

At the same time, according to information from CNN Greece, nine more people were blocked by the police in Thessaloniki while they were trying for the same reason to come to Athens.

The list of 13 far-right extremists who reached the anti-terrorist Italian authorities

The list of 13 names of far-right extremists who are active with certain fascist organizations in Italy arrived at the counter-terrorism offices two days ago and mobilized the officers as the Italian security authorities informed the Greek ones that these people would travel to Greece to participate in the today’s events for the murder of the two Chrysaugits in Neo Heraklion.

From the control of the flights carried out together with the 13, the Authorities found that nine more Italians were traveling, so a total of 21 people who were all coming to Greece for this specific reason.

The order banning entry into the country applied to all persons and the justification was for “reasons of national security”.

In the block carried out by airport police last night, it was found that the individuals had only one piece of hand luggage with them, no suitcases, while they had return tickets to Italy for November 2.

They will remain at the Aliens Directorate until tomorrow Thursday, where they will be taken to the airport to return to their country.

At the same time, since this morning, squads have already been moved to Neo Heraklion, as well as the AIANTES to prevent incidents, while gatherings have been announced despite the fact that there is a ban from GADA.

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