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Larissa: 43-year-old sentenced to six years in prison for child pornography

Larissa: 43-year-old sentenced to six years in prison for child pornography
Larissa: 43-year-old sentenced to six years in prison for child pornography

Today, the Mixed Jury Court of Larisa imposed a six-year prison sentence on a 43-year-old man from Volio for the crime of child pornography.

The defendant was arrested in November 2019 in Volos following an operation by the Electronic Crime Prosecution Department and a criminal case was filed for pornography of minors via the internet.

According to the announcement of the police at the time, the investigation of the case was preceded by appropriate utilization of data from the organization NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), according to which a user, within the Greek territory, possessed and trafficked child pornography material. The information was brought to the attention of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, which issued a will to lift the secrecy of the communications.

From the direct digital analysis, the identification details of the citizen and his residential address emerged. Then, on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, a team of police officers from the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate and the local Volos Security Service conducted a search at his home, where two hard drives and a mobile phone with a sim card were found and confiscated. From the on-site investigation, a number of photos and videos containing child pornography material were found and the citizen was arrested under the automatic procedure.

The accused was finally sentenced today by the Joint Jury to six years in prison with the appeal having suspensive effect. In other words, the 43-year-old was released until the appellate court with the conditions of the ban on leaving the country and the presence at the police station of his area.


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