Dangerous “escalation or provocation” in Evros? …Geni Safak speaks about terrorists from Greece -veteranos | National Issues

Dangerous “escalation or provocation” in Evros? …Geni Safak speaks about terrorists from Greece -veteranos | National Issues
Dangerous “escalation or provocation” in Evros? …Geni Safak speaks about terrorists from Greece -veteranos | National Issues

Explosives and vests were found on the four men who tried to cross the Evros into Turkey, according to Jeni Safak.

Theas reported by ANT1’s correspondent in Turkey, Anna Andreou, these were “members of the DHKP/C who they were coming for (terrorist) actions and were killed in the Evros”

THE Aksame reports that “Four DHKP/C terrorists who were trying to cross illegally from Greece to Turkey were killed in the conflict that broke out.

Explosives were seized from the terrorists who responded with fire to the warnings of the Army Gendarmerie patrolling the area as part of the fight against migrant smuggling, and suicide bomber vests were seized with their devices installed in the empty field.

Security sources gave information that three of the terrorists with foreign identity may be members of DHKP/C and one may be a driver. As it became known, the identified driver had a criminal record in connection with the investigation of the terrorist organization.

Bomb disposal experts also defused the explosives on the other side of the Meric. The bodies of 4 terrorists, including 1 woman, were taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.”

“The would-be terrorists are from Lavrio”

According to the publication of Jeni Safak, “4 of her terrorists DHKP/C, who were trying to cross from Greece to Turkey for a bomb attack, clashed with Turkish Army Guards at the Evros border.

The terrorists, who returned fire, were found dead. Suicide vests with explosive mechanisms were found on the terrorists and on the route they traveled.”

The newspaper claims that the would-be kamikazes came from the Lavrio camp in Greece, which it says “is the European training and refuge base for the terrorist organizations PKK, DHKP/C, MLKP, TKP-ML, TIKKO and FETO.

The camp, which has so far hosted hundreds of terrorists, is also the first stop in Europe for terrorists who escaped from Turkey. At the camp, terrorists are trained in bomb-making and sabotage. The terrorists who were neutralized on October 30 at the border are also believed to have come from this camp.”

The suicide bombers were unable to cross the Evros

Turkish soldiers are closely monitoring the border at Evros as part of the fight against migrant smuggling. They met the 4 people around 03.30 on 30 October. The suspects returned fire, but the Turkish Army Guards neutralized them.

Bombs were found

According to Turkish authorities, explosive devices were found on the suspects. Gendarmerie teams began an investigation in the area, following the route from which the suspects came and even crossed over to the Greek side.

Suicide bomb vests weighing 12 kg with explosive devices were found in an empty area 2 km away from the border.

All members of the organization

Security sources informed that 3 of the terrorists carrying foreign IDs were possibly DHKP/C members and one of them was allegedly a driver.

It is revealed that the driver, who has been identified, has a criminal record due to an investigation into a terrorist organization.

The pyrotechnicians neutralized the explosives found on the other side of the Evros. The bodies of the 4 terrorists, including a woman, were taken to the Forensic Service for a necropsy.

Comment: The publication stinks from afar for provocations and this is only a coincidence, not at this particular time

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