SERES cars in Greece in November


Two models of the SUV category with versions even with 576 hp will come to Greece very soon and will make those who want to acquire a new electric car think…

Name SERES refers to… Serresa welcoming city in Macedonia where everyone in the automotive field knows it for its high standard highway that supplies. The truth is that the name with an “S” has nothing to do with… Serres but refers to a new one automotive industry which will soon make its cars available on the Greek market.

The Chinese company in question manufactures electric cars and in its range we find the SERES 3 and SERES 5. Both belong to the category of recreational vehicles with the former having a length of approx 4.4 meters and the second 4.7 meters.

The SERES 3 will be an affordable model with the autonomy of reaching 300 kilometers and performances translate into 8.9 seconds for 0-100 and final 160 km/h. Its bigger sibling will be available in 3 variants while the prospective buyer will be able to choose between variants 4×2 and 4×4.

Version with 576 hp

Sensation will be caused by the top version of SERES 5 which will be four wheel drivewill yield 576 horses and 940Nm of torque while in the language of numbers, 0-100 will be achieved in 3.7 seconds while final its speed will exceed 200 km/h.

This particular one will be equipped with 90kWh capacity batteries, a fact which means that the autonomy will reach, according to the company itself, 530 kilometers.

In Greece in the coming weeks

SERES models are expected to arrive very soon Hellas. According to his information Newsauto they will be in our country within it November with the first vehicles hitting the roads before the end of the year.

For now the prices nothing has been announced which we will find out in the coming weeks…

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