SYRIZA – PS Larisa: To resign Avgenakis – Baginetas for the “tragedy” with the payment of 70% of the basic aid

SYRIZA – PS Larisa: To resign Avgenakis – Baginetas for the “tragedy” with the payment of 70% of the basic aid
SYRIZA – PS Larisa: To resign Avgenakis – Baginetas for the “tragedy” with the payment of 70% of the basic aid

In a statement of the Thematic Agricultural SYRIZA – PS Prefectural Committee of Larisa, the following are highlighted:

“Friday 27 October saw the famous, much-publicized and long-awaited payment of 70% of the basic primary sector support for 2023. We expected nothing less and nothing more than the ‘tragedy’ that the whole process has turned into.

The “stars” of the YPAAT, once again, showed signs of what is to come in the coming years regarding the new CAP, which they designed with the sole intention of making it difficult and reducing the income of its farmers and breeders country. In vain, the agricultural world of the whole country and especially of the Region of Thessaly and our prefecture, after the disasters they have suffered, waited if they would collect, when and what final amount to cover their immediate needs. The result was that many producers saw the wrong money in their accounts and some others none at all. Suddenly the “excellent” and the “informed” of HYPAAT and OPEKEPE decided, without any information, not to pay producers who transferred part of their rights and producers who received their transfer. Of course, even in these cases there have been some who have been paid an amount again without any logic. As far as the farmers are concerned, the payment was completely wrong with the result that the majority of them remain unpaid.

Unfortunately we discovered that the 2026 convergence was suddenly made to the 2023 payment, without any reason and no information, resulting in a violent transition to much lower basic aid amounts. Even at this moment there is no way or algorithm for calculating the amounts that each farmer and breeder is entitled to and should expect, as well as the amount of redistribution. Regarding the so-called greening of the previous years, this turned into ecological schemes which will not be paid until the end of the year and of which, more than half, are not applicable in our country.

Newer information indicates that the producers who did not see money in the first payment will, unfortunately, not see money in the second either, which will be made by December, burdening their financial situation even more in view of the sowing of winter grains and the payment of their obligations. Of course, from the new year we will also expect the amounts of the connected ones, which due to the delay in the IACS declarations have not been determined.

And all these ridiculous events are happening in the shadow of the huge disasters that hit our region, where the producers are waiting to see what will happen to the plant and animal compensations, what will be the final amounts, what will be the advances of compensations and of course what will happen to the fixed equipment that has been lost.

For all of the above, we should give our sincere congratulations, in order of priority, to the Minister of HYPAAT, Mr. Avgenakis, to the General Secretaries of the Ministry, and especially to the “diamond” who designed and boasted about the success of the new CAP, etc. Bayonet. Next, we should not fail to congratulate OPEKEPE who once again rose to the occasion and managed to make life and production in our country even more difficult. Of course, it would be remiss of us not to congratulate the leader of this “troupe”, Mr. Mitsotakis, who simply sits and watches his Minister deliver a file to the Prosecutor’s Office against the President of OPEKEPE, Mr. Simandrakos, accusing him of the unacceptable payments.

And we ask:

· Who will take responsibility for the further economic distress of the producers?

· How will producers proceed with winter crops without having collected what they are entitled to?

· Shouldn’t there be some sort of lump sum payment to remedy these injustices?

For all the disruption that has been caused in the already long-suffering primary sector, we immediately request the resignation of the administrator of the new CAP, Mr. Baginetas, and its executor, Mr. Avgenakis, as well as the immediate change of the new CAP so that they are saved, before it is too late, the amounts that will be lost from the country’s production process each year.

PS 1: Finally, is there an agricultural department of NODE Larisa to answer the world of production for all this?

PS 2: It would be good if the first MP of the New Democracy Government in our Prefecture does not run to save a branch of a well-known bank from closure, but deals with the lost income of the primary sector.

PS 3: How long will you engage the farmers? How long will the farmers trust you?’

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