Patras: The bureaucracy is “suffocating” the Marina, but developments are coming

Patras: The bureaucracy is “suffocating” the Marina, but developments are coming
Patras: The bureaucracy is “suffocating” the Marina, but developments are coming

Progress is being made at a rather slow pace in the restoration project of the Patras marina. At the end of November we will enter the third year, where much of the docking infrastructure will remain unusable.

“Peloponnisos” spoke with the deputy mayor of Ergon, Christos Kordas, who pointed out that progress has been made on the projects of almost 800,000 euros, but it still cannot be said exactly when the works will start.

“The competition phase has progressed. We had initially started the process by approaching 20 companies, but none were interested. We made a modification and added about 100,000 euros and with the new call, two companies bid close to the monetary limit we had set. Now the services are running the bureaucratic procedures and we expect probably this week or next week to come up with a contractor” emphasized Mr. Kordas.

The whole process is being labeled as “urgent” but has run into government reluctance to disburse funding and the extensive bureaucracy required. The result is that two years have passed and still no work has been carried out, and furthermore no one can say with certainty when the restoration works will begin.

The three “sticks” that tie the boats in the marina of Patras have been damaged by the bad weather of November 2021. Since then, the docking infrastructure of the area remains in a “black mess”, since the emergency funding from the relevant ministry had not been disbursed until recently. In particular, although the request was made in time by the Municipality, only a few months ago the ministry proceeded with the financing.

The work envisaged in the study refers only to the three docks which have become unfit for 23 months. Boats of 8 to 12 meters are moored there.

Based on the study, there should be the supply, mooring/installation of floating projector systems in the marina of Patras, with a total length of 180 meters (3x60m.) and a width of 2.4 meters. The new piers should have the necessary moorings, waiting for the electromechanical supplies, mooring system of the floating projectors, boat mooring system, power and water turrets, fire fighting and other tools.

As long as the proposal files submitted by the interested parties are complete, then the tender will proceed smoothly and in the autumn the contractor will sign the contract to start the restoration work, so that in less than three months he will have delivered the project.

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