Monument of unfreezing |

Monument of unfreezing |
Monument of unfreezing |

The Greek government’s abstention from the UN vote on the cease-fire in Gaza has already been written in history as a monument of recklessness and shameless support for the murderous state, which has turned the world’s largest open prison into a graveyard for civilians and especially small children.

There is no excuse for her unacceptable attitude. It is in complete contrast to the popular feeling of solidarity and support for the right of the Palestinian people, which is expressed in sensational demonstrations throughout Greece.

In this way, the government also gives credentials of adherence to the US-NATO plan, alongside the state and government of Israel, which has stained its hands with the blood of thousands of children.

The anger and indignation felt by the people is completely justified. But the government’s attitude is not surprising, since for years, first with SYRIZA and then with ND, Greece has been increasingly tightening its strategic relationship with Israel and, together with Cyprus, they constitute the cutting edge of Euro-Atlantic planning in its region Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

The foundations for this tripartite cooperation were laid by SYRIZA eight years ago, while during his government the scheme was expanded with the participation of the USA, declaring their “common commitment to promote peace, stability, security and prosperity in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean”.

In the light of today’s developments, one can easily understand how much security and prosperity are brought to the region by the designs of the imperialists, in which Greece claims upgraded roles, with strategic alliances like the one with Israel.

Under the ND government, this cooperation deepened even more at the military and economic level, while under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” in the region, Israel got the “green light” to escalate its aggression against the Palestinian people, with new persecutions , murders, expansion of settlements, etc.

At the last tripartite meeting of Greece – Cyprus – Israel, which took place last September in Nicosia, the declaration co-signed by the Greek government was clear: “We reaffirmed the value of the 3+1 scheme with the USA (…) the readiness for situations emergency and the fight against terrorism”.

In the same declaration, they called on “regional partners and the rest of the international community to intensify efforts to limit terrorism and to hold accountable all those who promote and support it.”

So this is why Greece comes out in front of the “anti-terrorist campaign” of Israel and their US-NATO allies at the expense of the Palestinian people, having condemned in advance as “terrorism” their struggle for a free homeland. Here is where the government commits itself not to vote in the UN even the minimum that could put pressure on Israel, demanding any resolution that simultaneously condemns Hamas as a “terrorist organization”!

And that’s not all: Between Greece and Israel, the “Defense Cooperation Program” is running with repeated exercises and joint trainings that “confirm the already close military cooperation and further deepen the strong ties of the Armed Forces”, according to their declarations.

The “strategic relationship” with Israel is complemented by a series of economic agreements, starting with energy and the supply of military equipment and reaching investments in the tourism industry, leasing, water exploitation, etc., offering new opportunities to Greek bourgeoisie to upgrade its role in the region.

So this is the “national interest” invoked by the government and which in its name condemns the people of Palestine to slaughter and turns its back on the terrorist state to massacre the entire region. Complicit in this are the other parties, SYRIZA and PASOK, who support the strategic relationship with Israel, with all the consequences, as well as the deeper involvement of Greece in the Euro-Atlantic plans, on behalf of the bourgeoisie, at the expense of people.

In these conditions, solidarity with the Palestinian people and the fight against Greek involvement is imperative and acquires even greater value!

Republished from the “Our View” column, by “Rizospastis” on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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