komotini.gr the new website of the Municipality of Komotini

komotini.gr the new website of the Municipality of Komotini
komotini.gr the new website of the Municipality of Komotini

The Municipality of Komotini presents its new website https://komotini.gr which is characterized by immediacy, ease of access and use and accessibility for the disabled. The new website began to be designed in parallel with the installation and configuration of the platform to serve the daily life of the citizens, which also supports the official mobile application of the Municipality (https://komotini.page.link/getApp), thus offering a complete and organized set of modern digital services for the citizen and the visitor of the Municipality. This is the first version of the new website of the Municipality of Komotini, which will be enriched in the next period. The Municipality of Komotini will wait for the comments and suggestions of users for one month, with the aim of improving its new website as much as possible.


The new website, in addition to its flexible – responsive environment that now adapts according to the size of the navigation device and its renewed appearance, provides a large number of new, modern services:

  1. Immediate update of the content of actions – events through the same dynamic calendar that the official application of the Municipality uses so that the information is easily accessible.
  2. Unified experience for daily requests, which “follows” the user when they submit their request from the website and when they then follow them from the app or vice versa.
  3. Single map of emergency events and phenomena to track all emergency alerts.
  4. Website compliance with WCAG 2.0 WAI AA standard for accessibility by people with disabilities.
  5. Easy access to the online services of gov.gr provided for servicing applications to the Municipality for applications and supporting documents.
  6. Promotion of volunteering using the fully digitized volunteering platform of the Municipality of Komotini.

With the new website, access to information concerning the user, whether he is a visitor or a citizen, becomes easier, faster and more pleasant, taking advantage of the best practices that can be applied in a modern expression of public administration with the use of technology.

The new website of the Municipality of Komotini, as well as the digital service platform, have been developed entirely by people from the local market with long-term experience in the field of digital applications and participation in innovation initiatives such as Elevate Greece, Thinc Innovation Hub, etc.

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