The livestock census of goats, sheep and pigs has started

The livestock census of goats, sheep and pigs has started
The livestock census of goats, sheep and pigs has started

The Directorate of the Veterinary Region of Western Greece informs the breeders who own goats, sheep and pigs that the mandatory annual census of their livestock is starting.

For the year 2023, the annual census for sheep and goats is carried out between the months of November and December (from November 1 to December 15), and is notified within 30 days of its execution, while for pigs, the census is carried out within the month of December. The inventory can be carried out in the following ways:

1) either by the attendance of the breeders at the local Veterinary Service, where they present the Register of Farming of Goats, Sheep or Pigs completed and fully updated with all changes (births, deaths, slaughters, sales).

2) either by using the corresponding digital service, without requiring the presence of the breeder in the service. The registration and access of each interested party to the digital notification service of the annual livestock census is done through the electronic address, following step by step the instructions available posted on the website of the Ministry of AAT. This digital service is activated on November 1 for sheep and goats and December 1 for pigs, respectively.

When submitting the census data through the digital service, a relevant certificate is issued which the user prints and attaches to the register of his farm. It is pointed out that the owner’s obligation to update the register of his farm in writing exists independently of the digital submission of the inventory.

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