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EL.AS: Gatherings are prohibited in Attica

EL.AS: Gatherings are prohibited in Attica
EL.AS: Gatherings are prohibited in Attica

Gatherings in Attica are prohibited today

(upd) “We are ready to handle any situation. We have been watching a movement for some time. The failure of the summer is not going to be repeated” he emphasized Minister of Citizen Protection, G. Economou, on the occasion of them concentrations which are scheduled in the afternoon at Neo Heraklion – despite the ban – on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the murder of Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis, guards at its offices Golden Dawn.
In fact, a rally is also planned in Patras.
Mr. Housekeeper speaking to SKAI he said that in addition to yesterday’s arrest 21 Italians in the airport who came to Greece responding to the call for the gathering, they also took place 6 arrests of Greeks in Thessaloniki who were planning to go down to Athens.
Furthermore, he noted that since the autumn the police have noticed mobility in the areas of the anti-authoritarians which is triggered by the developments in the Middle East, but also by various processes in progress in Athens, such as the construction of the METRO in Exarchia.

ISAP: Heraklion station was closed at noon

They closed at 14:00 noon on Wednesday 1/11 “Heraklion” stations of the electric (ISAP), but also his Suburban, by order of the Greek Police, under the fear of episodes in the shadow of planned gatherings in Neo Heraklion, Attica, despite the ban their implementation.
Trains pass without stopping.

Prohibition of gatherings – EL.AS on foot

Today (1/11) gatherings are prohibited in Attica, by decision of EL.AS. This is a decision taken on the occasion of 10 year anniversary from the mortal wounding of two of its members Golden Dawn (G. Fundoulis and M. Capelonis).
However, despite the ban, far-right organizations have planned concentrations. For 18:00 ean anti-fascist protest has been announced, while at 19:00 in Neo Heraklion have been scheduled concentrations by far-right groups.
Thus, according to information, more than 3,000 are on foot police officers and drones will also be used, while security measures have been increased at the country’s entry gates, after last night’s arrest of 21 Italians at the airport who intended to participate in a rally today, who will be deported.
As for her ban on gatheringsAccording to Greek police“by Decision of the General Police Director of Attica, any public outdoor gathering is prohibited on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the fatal wounding of two Golden Dawn members, from 06:00 on 1-11-2023 to 06:00 on 2-11-2023, in the Prefecture of Attica (excluding the Argosaronic islands).
The above prohibition is imposed as there is a serious risk to public safety, due to the possible commission of serious crimes, especially against life, bodily integrity and property, from holding meetings and “counter-meetings” by groups of opposing positions.
In addition, there is a serious threat of disruption of socio-economic life, both in the areas where gatherings have been announced, and in the rest of the Attica Prefecture, where it is probable that similar gatherings will be held, as well as the simultaneous presence in a climate of polarization of concentrated groups”.

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