Show of arrogance Mitsotakis: “Change trope, read a little more”

Show of arrogance Mitsotakis: “Change trope, read a little more”
Show of arrogance Mitsotakis: “Change trope, read a little more”

Political confrontation after two months in the Plenary, between the prime minister and the presidents of the K.O. of the opposition.

The bill of the Ministry of the Interior on the “New system of selection of administrations of public sector entities” is being discussed in the Plenary Session of the Parliament and its vote is expected to take place on Thursday.

In his second speech, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attacked the opposition parties initially for the speaking time. “Let’s clarify some things about the Parliament’s regulations. You spoke for 30 minutes and on the bill for 3 minutes. This is not a brainstorming development room,” he initially said.

“In the European Parliament, Mr. Androulakis, you did not do these things. They turned off your microphone because that was what the Rules stipulated. And you come here and say other things”, he added.

The confrontation extended to the parliamentary presence of the prime minister. “Since you refer to the parliamentary control over my presence in the Parliament, in the previous four years my presence in the Parliament and my confrontations with other political leaders were the most frequent in 20 years. Thank God we cannot be accused of not having a lively parliamentary debate. Let’s see what has happened in the 120 days of the new season? How many questions have you asked me Mr. Famelle? Zero. You Mr. Androulakis? A. “Who is hiding from the Parliament and who comes with written speeches will be judged by the citizens,” noted K. Mitsotakis.

“Reminds me of teenagers”

The prime minister continued his speech by comparing S.Famellos and N.Androulakis to “teenagers listening to their first record” and then recalled the… percentages of the elections. “Change trope,” he concluded.

“So I listen to the arguments of Mr. Famellou and Androulakis and it reminds me of teenagers listening to their first album and not having another album they listen to the same trope. Mr. Famellos said that we diverge from Europe for interests and Mr. Androulakis for human rights and wiretapping. But ND got 41%, you 17% and you 12%. Change trope. We have talked about these issues many times and we will talk again. But consider that the crisis of the Greek people intervened”, he characteristically commented.

“Legislates bribery”

“You came to parliament, Mr. Mitsotakis, to change the image of the government a little. Remove Greece from the European acquis. I don’t know if this is the reform you have in mind”, the president of KO SYRIZA-PS Sokratis Famellos initially said.

“The far-right crutch government changed the composition of the independent authorities. At twelve o’clock in the evening you issued the gazette. You are quick on this,” he added.

“Are you talking about meritocracy, when you don’t have an organizational chart in the Ministry of Climate Crisis? This bill legislates partisanship in public administration. Ms. Kerameos comes and legislates that in the State the persons will be selected based on committees with a majority of government officials. The right NT executive in the right place. This is the right man in the right position. This is what we said if he has a beard in Koroni. It legislates bribery”, emphasized S. Famellos, attacking the government.

“Are you putting your failed statesmen out the window?”

“Apokoubi Mr. Mitsotakis Velopoulos for making tiles! Legitimate media such as “Vima” wrote about a fine. Did you not read these articles? In order to prevent them, we denounced them so that Menoudakou’s list and EYP’s list could finally be compared? Let’s see who had the predator? Leave Mr. Velopoulos the vaccines, ointments and Jesus letters and say what are your motives?”, commented N. Androulakis in a strong tone.

“There are no limits for you Mr. Mitsotakis, in the face of your power the end justifies the means and the way you use your position is dangerous for the Republic. You are guilty of the Paracratos and the Maximus Palace”, he underlined in his speech.

“You are steadily moving Greece away from the European context, you are sacrificing everything on the altar of power,” added the leader of PASOK-KINAL.

“Stain in History”

Referring to the bill under discussion, the parliamentary representative of the KKE Thanasis Pafilis emphasized that the changes promoted by the ND are the changes that the capitalist system needs in order to create a public sector that will serve capitalist development, which is based on the great capital.

The KKE MP emphasized that the Greek people stand with the people of Palestine, who have been fighting for over 50 years. “A blot on history” is the ND’s position on the UN resolution for a humanitarian cessation of the war in Palestine, the parliamentary representative of the KKE emphasized in his speech on the bill for the new system of selection of administrations in the public sector.

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