Fight to save the green lung in Rizari Park that they want to sacrifice for the Metro


The Rizari Park is one of them green lungs of Athens, who risks being sacrificed for his line four Subwaywhile the The Municipality of Athens is not mobilizing to protect it.

The 15-acre park was laid out with brave a grant of 300,000 euros from the Patera foundation and is one of the most beautiful spots in the concrete city of Athens. However, the Municipality, Attiko Metro and the company Avax who has undertaken the project, do not seem to appreciate this “gift” of greenery, refusing to move the Metro construction site. Such is the fate of this green oasiswill be decided at the Supreme Court.

From October 2021, when the construction site was set up, and until May 2022, an attempt was made to find an alternative solution in discussions held between Nikola Pateraof the then Minister of Transport Costas Karamanlis,of the managing director of Attiko Metro SA. Nikolaou Kouretas and the then Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, GIorgos Karagiannis. However, after the impasse, the appeal to the Supreme Court was the only way.

It is worth noting that a position for the park has also been taken by Nikos Dendias with his letter, who talks about environmental disaster, as 230 trees will be sacrificed.

For his part, the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, sent a “lukewarm” letter to the CoE in the role of Pontius Pilate: “In the event that Attiko Metro considers that there is a viable and technically sound solution that can ensure the least environmental impact from the execution of the project in question, taking into account that no significant shift in thetiming of the station, the Municipality would be positive especially since would mean the least possible loss of existing greenery” states the Municipality of Athens in its memorandum.

And it may have been proposed as a solution to move the pit to north side of the park at a cost of 5 million euros (with the aim of saving the 230 trees)the company, however, within a few days raised the amount from 5 to 50 million for the moving process.

It is noted that the Father’s side reminds that according to the law of the CoE “in the event of the existence of an alternative solution that entails non-sacrifice or the reduction of greenery that is necessary to sacrificewhich would have disastrous environmental effects, management should, if technically feasible, consider and choose it, even if it is more costly.”

The shipowner appealed to the Supreme Court in May 2022, however the alternative solution had already been blocked by the Ministry of Infrastructure. In fact, Mr. Pateras claims that the Park was to be occupied for the needs of the construction site without having issued the necessary technical environmental study. This is an occupation that violates the provisions of the General Town Planning Plan of Athens, according to which no other use is foreseen except to remain free green space.

The fact is really questionable that the Municipality of Athens pulled out all the stops to pave Vasilissis Olgasbut makes no real effort to save the green park of Rizari.

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