Ev. Liakoulis: “No plan to deal with infectious diseases in Thessaly”

Ev. Liakoulis: “No plan to deal with infectious diseases in Thessaly”
Ev. Liakoulis: “No plan to deal with infectious diseases in Thessaly”

“Without any risk-taking, nor embellishment, of course, the case of the outbreak of infectious diseases in Thessaly, including leptospirosis, due to the conditions created by the flood phenomena, still worries us, and indeed very much,” he stressed on the show “TRITOLOGES” of ERT3 with Cynthia Sapika, the Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of PASOK – Movement for Change and Member of Parliament for Larissa, Evangelia Liakoulis, on the occasion of a related question she submitted recently to the Minister of Health.

At the same time, the MP of Larissa underlined the following:

“These days, the responsibility for containing the outbreak of diseases rests with both the political and the scientific world, and rightly the journalists highlight such a serious problem that threatens public health in Thessaly.

Throughout this period, from the beginning of September, whenever the first Daniel phenomenon occurred – and a few days later Elias – I have been constantly touring all the flood-affected areas, “sounding the alarm”, which I pointed out with my question to Mr. Chrysochoidis as well.

Unfortunately, I can see with my own eyes that more than a month later, not all the dead animals have been removed from the rural areas.

As well as the fact that the transported materials, which often contain animal remains, have not been removed, while the Minister of Rural Development has announced that for their removal, the farmers themselves will have to pay 30%, just like any other flood-affected citizen!

At the same time, we are informed by the competent authorities that in Thessaly today at the beginning of the current week there were 2 confirmed cases of leptospirosis, while last week we had another 9, raising the total number to 44, with another 109 cases being investigated.

In addition, since the beginning of this situation, one death has already occurred, while two of our fellow citizens are hospitalized in ICU.

And all this does not include, obviously, the other cases of infections and infectious diseases due to contact of patients with contaminated water and soil.

In “this” the biggest problem is, however, that the citizens of Thessaly, we do not have the feeling of a comprehensive treatment of these critical issues for public health from the State’s side.

The crucial question that I am addressing to the government is which official body of the state apparatus will comprehensively and coherently undertake to examine all the data, to make the necessary scientific findings and to provide organized, as well as immediately concrete solutions”, concluded Evangeliia Liakoulis characteristically.

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