Achaia: Asbestos deaths are being investigated at the ELTA Patras

Achaia: Asbestos deaths are being investigated at the ELTA Patras
Achaia: Asbestos deaths are being investigated at the ELTA Patras

The asbestos case at the ELTA Patras main store continues to cause serious concerns.

The matter of the existence of asbestos in the main building of ELTA of Patras has often occupied the local community and it has even reached justice.

In a similar case, in the Agios Nektarios Labor Housing district, the increase in deaths from cancer, since the roofs of the houses are made of asbestos, was highlighted by the former director of the Oncology Clinic of the “Agios Andreas” Hospital, Panagiotis Ginopoulos.

At ELTA, within a short period of timea second death from lung cancer is recorded! This time the supervisor died at the age of only 59.

Of course, no one can connect – and it would be completely arbitrary – the death with asbestos, but it is something that has “concerned” all the employees of the Post Office.

However, after complaints were made, there was an intervention by the Prosecutor’s Office of Patras and according to information it was decided carrying out an expert opinion on the ELTA building at Maizonos and Zaimi Streetswhile at the same time it will be investigated whether these two fatal cases of cancer in employees of the Service are related to the existence of asbestos.

The case, anyway, is discussed in court on December 4. The resumption of the procedure lies in the fact that the Supreme Court accepted the appeal of the first-instance acquittal decision, two years ago by the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Patras, according to which no responsibility was attributed for the risk of asbestos in the building.

Prosecutor of the Supreme Court ordered a retrial, finding many “gaps” and several adjournments.


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