Neo Heraklion: Injuring a 16-year-old girl – The case file changed hands


Through the Prosecutor’s Office, the case file for the serious injury of the 16-year-old girl, during incidents that took place last Saturday in Neo Heraklion, changed hands.

The investigation was undertaken from the very beginning by the State Security, which had collected video material as well as a series of statements. However, things changed after the intervention of the head of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, Antonis Eleftherianou, who ordered an urgent investigation to determine whether the felony of attempted murder had been committed.

Mr. Eleftherianos, due to the nature of the offense under investigation, assigned the investigation to the Homicide Department. According to his information iEidiseisyesterday requested and took in his hands the material that the State Security had gathered for the case, in order to forward it to the Homicide Department which will continue the investigation.

So far, the landscape remains unclear in relation to the circumstances under which the 16-year-old girl was injured in the head.

The forensic examination shows that he had bruises and abrasions on his limbs and shoulder, while the blow to the skull could have been caused either by a blunt instrument or by a fall with the rear part on a surface or by a combination of the above two causes.

The forensic report has not been completed, as the medical examiner is awaiting the results of a series of tests to draw her final conclusion.

After the complaints that police officers hit the minor with a club, the Police headquarters issued a statement in which it states that men from the OPKE group found the 16-year-old covered in blood and provided her with first aid. According to the same statement, there was an attack by a group of hooded men against the police forces with stones, boxes and bottles.

Of decisive importance will be the statement that the minor herself will give to the police when her state of health allows it. The 16-year-old is being treated at G. Gennimatas hospital.

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