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“We will not become complicit in crime”: Rally and solidarity concert on Saturday in Larissa

“We will not become complicit in crime”: Rally and solidarity concert on Saturday in Larissa
“We will not become complicit in crime”: Rally and solidarity concert on Saturday in Larissa

A broad invitation is addressed by the Labor Center of Larissa and city agencies to participate in the rally and concert of solidarity with the people of Palestine, which are organized on Saturday, November 4 – with a starting time of 12 noon – in the Central Square of Larissa.

In the framework of the press conference granted today by the president of the EKL Yannis Skokas he harshly criticized the Government, as well as political forces, for their attitude to the ongoing war.

Regarding the action related to the hanging of a banner today on the facade of the Larissa City Hall, Mr. Skokas complained to the Municipal Authority for the fact that the banner was taken down a few hours later.

In detail, what Yannis Skokas said:

THE Dimitra Papastergioufrom the Larissa Peace Committee, developing the framework of the mobilizations, clarified that there is not the slightest problem with the Jewish People, as well as with the fellow Jews of Larissa, but the aim is to denounce the attitude of the Government of Israel.

In detail, Dimitra Papastergiou’s statement:

In detail, the statements highlighted the following:

“For days now, we have been shocked by the endless massacre of Palestinians. Gaza has turned into an endless graveyard.

Until yesterday at noon, the services of the Ministry of Health in Gaza had recorded at least 8,525 dead Palestinians from October 7, between them 3,542 children2,187 women, 130 health workers and 67 UNRWA workers.

According to head of UNICEF, Kathryn Russell, it is estimated that every day at least 450 children are killed in the Gaza Strip, while over 940 children have been reported as missing. This situation has turned Gaza “into a children’s cemetery,” he said.

The events unfolding all these days are not “lightning in the air”. For years, the terrorist invasions of the Israeli occupying army in West Bank cities have been a daily occurrence, leaving behind a multitude of dead and wounded, leveled villages and districts.

That the killer state of Israel did not succeed for so many years with the settlements, the murders of thousands of Palestinians, including many children, the imprisonment and torture of Palestinian resistance leaders, they are attempting to do so now, with an all-out war against what they call “terrorists,” and it is leading to a general conflagration throughout the Middle East.

In other words, the well-known “war on terror” is now being revived in Palestine as the “tool” to realize the burning desire of the Israelis, which is to get rid of the Palestinian people by all means.

That is, the war hawks, Israel and its NATO allies demand that Hamas “pay” the price as a “terrorist organization” and unleash an unprecedented massacre against the Palestinians, which even threatens their continued existence in the region, if the scenarios of their mass displacement from the Gaza Strip are successful in neighboring countries.

The existence of Israel’s plan to forcibly evict the 2.3 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip in Egyptian Chersonesus of Sinai and in a row other countries, among themselves and in Hellas, came to confirm the release of the entire relevant document of the Israeli Ministry of Information to Israeli website “Mekomit”.

The above is even predicted to be accompanied by an Israeli propaganda campaign that will make it clear to the Palestinians of Gaza that they have definitively lost their land and will never return to it, while presenting their violent displacement as one… “humanitarian necessity” in order to have “less casualties among the civilian population”!

But it is clear that the real terrorist is the city-state of Israel who with his regular army commits the genocide of the Palestinian people. A people who are still waiting for the creation of their own state.

From 1948 until today, the UN General Assembly and Security Council have adopted countless decisions and resolutions affirming the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people; which, however, are turned into rags by the Israeli state, with the backs of its Euro-Atlantic allies. These include decisions that expressly provide for the immediate end to the occupation of Palestine, the creation of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders; the right of return and rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees who were brutally expelled from their homes, the demolition of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, which Israel is constantly expanding, etc.

Characteristically, the UN General Assembly between 1947 and 2022 has approved a total of 684 resolutions on the Palestinian issue. Nevertheless, its perpetuation occupation of Palestine by Israel, with the diverse support of USA – NATO – EU in the murderous state, is one of the most revealing and infuriating examples of how the infamous “International Law” is always cut and sewn to fit different imperialist interests, and at the expense of the peoples.

It turns out that the only right they recognize for the Palestinian people is that of silence and not the right to self-defense and freedom from occupation.

In this context, the Greek government also implements its obligations as a member of NATO and the EU. supporting the terrorist state of Israel. He even went so far as to abstain from voting on a UN General Assembly resolution calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza. Her attitude it has already been written in History as a monument of debauchery and shameless support for the murderous state.

Against the background of the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie and the “strategic relationship” between Greece and Israel, which involves our country in dangerous plans and rivalries in the Eastern Mediterranean, the bourgeois staffs rage against anything that exposes the Euro-NATO unanimity. The work is well known: Anyone who denounces the chronic crime of the occupation of Palestine and the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to fight for its end is… a pro-“terrorist”.

In this way, the government also gives credentials of adherence to the US-NATO plan, alongside the state and government of Israel, which has stained its hands with the blood of thousands of children.

In the same way, the attitude of the Municipal Authority of Larissa, which, while giving its own exams, with immediate reflexes, hung the giant banner that the EKNL forces hung in the morning expressing their solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people. There is no excuse for her unacceptable attitude. It is in complete contrast to the popular feeling of solidarity and support for the right of the Palestinian people, which is expressed in sensational demonstrations throughout Greece.

The anger and indignation felt by the people is completely justified. But the government’s attitude is not surprising, since for years, first with SYRIZA and then with ND, Greece has been increasingly tightening its strategic relationship with Israel and, together with Cyprus, they constitute the cutting edge of Euro-Atlantic planning in its region Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

The Administration of the Labor Center of N. Larissa stands by the heroic people of Palestine and supports their right to defend their country against foreign occupation by all necessary means. It denounces and condemns the murderous state of Israel, which with the support of the USA, NATO and the EU continues and escalates its long-standing aggression against the heroic people of Palestine.

We unite our voice and strengthen the struggle together with the peoples of the whole world, together with the labor-people’s movement in our country to satisfy the just and timeless demands of the Palestinian people.

  • We condemn Israel’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.
  • End the Israeli occupation. To create a single independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders.
  • The right of return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the relevant UN resolutions.
  • The immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.
  • No participation-No support in the massacre of the Palestinian people..
  • To stop the city of Larissa being a NATO base, to leave the American forces from 110 PM.

We invite the workers, the people of our region to participate en masse at the Rally & Solidarity Concert on Saturday November 4, 12:00 noon in K. Square.

We invite the Unions and its bodies, the affected committees to take part in the Meeting of Associations – Bodies for the Continuation of the Game that will take place on Monday, November 6, 6:30pm in the auditorium of 33u Primary School (Arvanitopoulos & Skopias, Smyrna Prefecture)”.

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