Actions for the protection of Wildlife in Syros

Actions for the protection of Wildlife in Syros
Actions for the protection of Wildlife in Syros

CYCLADES CARE FOR WILDLIFE Network: Actions for the Protection of Wildlife in Syros

We are happy to invite you to the actions organized by the Network CYCLADES CARE FOR WILDLIFE at Syros, between 3 and 5 November 2023 for the protection of Wildlife in the Cyclades. The action plan includes:

– on Friday, November 3, release of little owls Athene noctua (5pm) and projection of the documentary MEDITERRANEAN – Besieged Sea (7pm)

– on Saturday, November 4, informative and educational event on WILDLIFE IN THE CYCLADES: Volunteering, Data Collection, First Aid (4pm)

– on Sunday, November 5, practical demonstration in the field marine mammal, turtle and bird rescue techniques (10.30am).

Find attached and here the detailed program of our actions in which we hope you will honor us with your presence. All actions are open to the public.

The CYCLADES CARE FOR WILDLIFE Network is an alliance of regional and national environmental agencies

-Association for Care and Protection of Wild Animals (ALKYONI)

-Association for the Protection of Wildlife of Naxos (SPAGN)

-Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Seal (MOm)

-Cetacean Rescue and Care Research Center (ARION)

-Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)

with the aim of strengthening the protection of the wild life of the Cyclades, emphasizing both collection of data, information and documentation as well as in training volunteers to provide first aid and the rescue of emblematic and often vulnerable or even endangered species found in the Cyclades. In continuation of the actions of Syros, there will be visits by the members of our Network to other islands of the Cyclades as well as open online updates.

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