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The 7th Literary Symposium in Kozani starts on Friday, November 3 – See the program

The 7th Literary Symposium in Kozani starts on Friday, November 3 – See the program
The 7th Literary Symposium in Kozani starts on Friday, November 3 – See the program

The 7th Literary Symposium will take place in Kozani on November 3, 4 and 5, with the author Christos Homenidis as the honored person.

It will take place at the Municipal Library of Kozani. The Symposium is organized by the Literary Magazine “Intervention”, in co-organization with the Region of Western Macedonia (P.E. Kozani), the Municipality of Kozani, the Koventareio Municipal Library of Kozani, the cultural organization “Kyklos” and with supporters the University of Western Macedonia, the Society of Writers of Thessaloniki and the Union of Librarians and Information Scientists (Regional Section of Northern Greece).

It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Sports, the Hellenic Cultural Foundation and the Society of Writers.

The theme of the Symposium is as follows:

• Travel through Time that passes and is lost
• 61 years Society of Writers of Thessaloniki
• In the Writer’s Workshop
• Youth & literature
• Archeology and Literature
• 2023 Year of the Elk Zei
• Suggestions of wider literary interest

Here’s the full schedule:

Work schedule

Friday, November 3, 2023

Part A

Coordinated by: V. P. Karagiannis
16.00 Greetings

Literature & Archaeology

16.15 Sotiris Raptopoulos, Archaeologist: “The travel descriptions of Sandesidis and Hatzis about the villages of Valaade in the area of ​​Kozani, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century”

16.30 Giorgos Deliopoulos, Poet-Philologist: “The “archaeologies” in the poetry of Sotiris Sarakis”

16.45 Antonis Kalfas, Poet-Philologist: “Archaeotheme and other archaeological poems of the Macedonian area”

The time

17.00 Alexandros Vrettakos, Photographer: “Photography and time”

17.15 Eleni Margaritis, Librarian-President of the Northern Greece Regional Section (PET) of the Union of Greek Librarians & Information Scientists: “The archive of the Municipal Library of Kozani over time”

Break time

Part B

Moderator: Dimitra Karagianni

18.00 “In the writer’s workshop”, Dimitris Kamariadis talks with the writer Panos Stathoiannis

18.30 Presentation of the collective volume “The time that passes & is lost”
Despina Ioannidou, Philologist
Eleni Delivoria, Educator, M.A. Creative writing
Readings: Volume contributors read excerpts of their contributions (up to 200 words)

Music: Olga Kotjamanidou, Piano
C.P.E. Bach, Sonata in B flat, Wq 55:3/Helm 245:Cantabile
F. Mendelssohn, Songs without words, op.19 no.2
F. Chopin, Prelude op.28 no.6
R. Schumann, Kinderszenen op.15 no.7: Traumerei
E. Satie, Gnossiene no.1
M. Kalomiris, For Greek children, First Series, no.1
G. Konstantinidis, 44 children’s pieces in Greek purposes, no. 38
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in D minor, K32, Aria

End of the first day of the Symposium

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Part C´

Moderator: George Deliopoulos
9.45 Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Teacher-Philologist: “The journey to the ancient novel. The case of Xenophon’s Ephesians”.
10.00 Dimitris Kamariadis, Former Head of Public Relations of the Energy Center of Macedonia PPC S.A.: “2003 in Belgrade”
10.15 Antonis Papavasileiou, Author-Publisher of “Chronicles of Western Macedonia”: “”Glowing Vegetation”: Traveling through the city. Christopher Morley’s Philadelphia as a Travel Essay’.
10.30 Screening of the short film “Antistixi” (television theater version of the novel of the same name) – Foreword by the author of the book, Maria-Despina Rammou
10.45 “In the writer’s workshop”, Antonis Kalfas talks to the writer Costas Akrivos

Break time

Part D

Coordinated by: Antonis Kalfas

11.45 Young people & literature
• “Deposit of thought…deposit of soul”
1st Lyceum of Kozani, Responsible teacher: Petty Solakidou, Philologist
Students: Vaia Samara, Katerina Siatra, Marianna Alexiadou, Vasiliki Tsioptsia, Nektarios Kalaitzis, Dimitra Doi

• “Literary attempts of teenagers”
4th Lyceum of Kozani, Responsible teacher: Nektaria Spyridou, Philologist
Students: Dimitris Vogdou, Anastasia Kountoura, Aphrodite Panagiotidou, Eleni Putoglidou, Chrysoula Stefanidou (“Story of 5”), Platon Karakatsan, Maria Tsaridou (Poems)

• “Teenage Lyrics”
High school and high school students of Kozani read their poems and talk about poetry

12.30 Eleni Alexiou, Educator-Poet: “Young men and women in literature: The case of the Youth Poetry Meeting at the Music School of Kastoria”

Alki Zei

12.45 Pavlos Tagteverenidis, Philologist: “Alki Zei: the favorite author of young and old”
13.00 Anna Mamatsiou, Min. Doctor of Philology: “Alki Zei: An autobiography written with Faber pencil number two”
13.15 Screening of a video about the life and work of Alki Zei
Video Editing-Creation: Nikos Kourou, Actor-Director

13.30 Rena Athanasopoulou, Theatrologist-Writer: Readings in the work of Alki Zei. Eleni Alexiou accompanies on guitar.

Break time

Part E’

Moderator: Michalis Pitenis
16.00 “In the writer’s workshop”, Panagiotis Dimopoulos talks to the poet Georgia Triantafyllidou

Tribute to E.L.Th.

16.30 Society of Writers of Thessaloniki: “E.L.Th. 60+ Years of History and Perspectives”
Vangelis Tasiopoulos, Author-President E.L.Th.
Anna Kustinoudis, Dr. of English Literature-Educational-Gen. Secretary E.L.Th.
Michalis Pitenis, Author-Member E.L.Th.
Georgia Makrogiorgou, Writer-Member E.L.Th.

Break time

Part VI

Moderator: Makis Karagiannis

18.00 “In the writer’s workshop”, the poet-translator Christos Kremniotis talks with the poet and artist Yiannis Stefanakis
18.30 Giorgos Kalientzidis, Poet-Journalist: “ERT3 Reading Club: Books-Communication-Society”

18.45 “In the writer’s workshop”, the poet Eleni Sakka talks to the poet Eftychia-Alexandra Loukidou

19.15 Makis Karagiannis, Prose Writer-Critic: “Short Notes on the Art of the Novel”
19.30 Ptolemaida Music School, Organ Ensemble of modern Greek and foreign music
Violin: Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Piano: Myrto Lazaridou, Cello: Petros-Iordanis Lazaridis, Saxophone: Photios Ioannidis

End of the second day of the Symposium

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Part G

Moderator: Dimitra Karagianni
10.15 Anastasios Harelas, Philologist: “The Granin case: the chronicle of a censorial intervention in the “Art Review” in 1959″
10.30 B. P. Karagiannis, Publisher of Intervention Magazine-Author: “Library Tales”

10.45 Antonis Skiathas, Poet-President of the Poetry Office: “Poetry as a code of communication in the age of the Internet”
11.00 “In the writer’s workshop”, Michalis Pitenis talks to the poet Thanasis Markopoulos

Break time


Coordinated by: V. P. Karagiannis

12.00 Tribute to Christos Chomenidis, Honored author of the Symposium
Feni Tziura, Doctor of Law: “A great legacy for every next generation: The timeless Victory of life”
Olga Vardaka, Philologist of the French Language: “With his voice, did Tzimis bring the world to his senses?”
Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Musician: “Diki Suarev: First Reading”
12.30 Speech by Christos Homenidis

End of Symposium

The work of the poster is by the painter Costa Dio.

Kyrgia Furniture (Olymbou 3, Kozani)

The article is in Greek

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