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Shock in Voula: Pit bulls devoured stray cats in a few minutes

Shock in Voula: Pit bulls devoured stray cats in a few minutes
Shock in Voula: Pit bulls devoured stray cats in a few minutes

The ferocious attack of three pit bull dogs, which devoured 6-7 stray cats in a few minutes, in Voula, is causing horror.

According to MEGA, the complaint was made by an eyewitness who experienced what happened and informed the Police, while a store security camera has recorded scenes that are truly shocking with the ferocity of the three dogs.

According to what has become known, the incident happened on Saturday (28/10), in the evening near the Asklepiion. The three pit bulls were walking around without leashes or muzzles.

The residents of the area are in a state of shock and horrified by the tragic incident.

The testimony

A resident of the area who saw what happened made the following post about the incident:

“A terrible incident happened yesterday. Three deadly pitbull dogs were taken out by a gentleman who lives near Asklipieio without leashes and muzzles, and they devoured 6-7 cats in Georgiou Papandreou and the junction with Vasileos Pavlou. The problem is not only the dead cats but that they could attack small children or small dogs. EA, after a complaint was filed against him, fined him only 300 euros, saying that legally they cannot do anything else (…)”.

According to information transmitted by MEGA, the owner of the dogs claimed that unknown people tried to break into his house and left the door open, as a result of which the dogs came out into the street. However, there are testimonies that say that he himself was in his car in close proximity to the scene.

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