Examinations in Kozani for Gifted and Talented Children


On Saturday, November 4, 2023, the examinations of the Center for Gifted and Talented Children / CTY Greece will be held in Kozani (8th High School of Kozani), giving talented children from 2nd Primary to 3rd High School the opportunity to cultivate their potential to the fullest.

CTY Greece has been designing since 2013 innovative and interactive programs specially designed to meet the needs, abilities and interests of children who have special academic and perceptual skills, depth and breadth of thinking, and a great love for learning. The Center for Gifted and Talented Children began its operation in 2013 with the founding donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation; it is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and is a member of the European scientific organization European Council of High Ability (ECHA) and European Talent Support Network. Program advisor is the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University.

Examinations and scholarships

The programs are Online Contemporaneous, Online Asynchronous, Weekend and Summer, and require students to be evaluated through exams designed by the Center for Talented Youth of Johns Hopkins University (JHU CTY). From the start of the program until today, almost 7,000 male and female students from 3rd Primary to 2nd High School from all over Greece and Cyprus have attended the programs of CTY Greece.

By registering for the exams, children have the opportunity to experience a new exciting world of learning, become members of an active community, and claim one of the many scholarships offered by CTY Greece with the support of its donors. From 2013 to date more than 1,600 children have received a family income scholarship for summer programs, a rate of more than 52% over all years of the program.

The exams are in Greek, do not require preparation and are aimed at students from 2nd Primary to 3rd High School.

To participate, registration is required via the website https://www.cty-greece.gr/el/exams where you can find more information about the courses, registration dates and test samples.

Instructions for the exams and access to the exam venue will be sent by email after registration is complete.

The lessons

Students can attend one of the courses offered, which are characterized by imagination and originality and are differentiated in terms of content and teaching methods.

From the Positive Sciences: Cryptology, Game Theory, Biomedical Sciences, Criminology, The Magic of Mathematical Thinking, Introduction to Robotics and Automatic Control Systems, Nanotechnology: Microcosms in Action!, Video Game Design, Epidemiology, Medical Statistics, Biomedical Technology.

From the Humanities: The World of Economics and Business, United Nations and Geography: Changed the World, Poetry, Prose & Language: A Writer’s Look, International Relations. the Psychology of Human Relations.

Several courses – such as Food Power: The Science of Nutrition and Health, The Art and Science of Film, and The Superhero Academy – combine more than one discipline.

  • For more information you can contact the CTY Greece office: Tel.: 2310 332625, 2310398253. Email: [email protected]

The founding donor of CTY Greece is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Major donors of the Center are the bank Eurobank and the company Lidl Hellas. Donors are the Ioannis S. Latsis Public Foundation, Netcompany-Intrasoft, Star Bulk Carriers Corp., and Deloitte. Air transport sponsor is AEGEAN Airlines. CTY Greece is supported in Cyprus by Lidl Cyprus.

The article is in Greek

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