The Trade Unions and the Federation throughout the country are feverishly preparing

The Trade Unions and the Federation throughout the country are feverishly preparing
The Trade Unions and the Federation throughout the country are feverishly preparing

They intensify the battle for the organization and its success strike on November 8 the Builders Unions and the Federation, to kill the big and small construction sites, the yuppies. At the forefront of the claims are the health and safety measures at work, the recognition and distribution of “super unknown” insignia, the obligation of the sectoral SSE, the signing of construction contracts with increases in all daily wages and an emergency allowance for flood-affected workers in the sector.

The strike rallies

So far, strike rallies have been planned by the Federation and the Builders Unions in:

  • Athena, 10.30 am in Kaningos square.
  • Thessaloniki, 11 a.m. in EFKA on Aristotle.
  • Patras, 10.30 am at the headquarters of the Decentralized Administration.
  • Agrinio, 10.30 am in the central square of the city.
  • Heraklion, 11 a.m. at the Labor Center.
  • Ikaria, 11 a.m. in Evdilos.
  • Karditsa, 10 am. in the central square (Alpha Bank).
  • Larisa, 11 a.m. in Gargalianon square.
  • Tower, 10.30 am central square (Saki Karageorga).
  • Trikala, 10.30 am in National Resistance Square.

Every day there are trips to construction sites in the country, meetings are organized in cities, so that the strike call can reach everywhere and the participation in the gatherings is massive. Also, by intervening in all kinds of construction sites and especially in the big projects, the Unions come forward to defend the rights of the workers, they put barriers in the efforts of the construction companies to use the anti-labor laws to overflow the working hours, to impose even worse working conditions.

In Athena the Builders’ Union yesterday he made trips to construction sites near the ring in Kifissias, with each discussion reflecting the special interest of the builders especially for the “pro-unknown tokens”, as they face a serious problem, especially those who are close to retirement, with collecting the tokens required to retire. This problem “burns” both Greek and foreign builders who have been working for years in Greece, but due to high unemployment during the crisis or other factors have lost many marks. They also attach great importance to requests for protection measures and the signing of collective bargaining agreements with increases. Almost every day they come face to face with work “accidents” that injure, cripple their colleagues, even cost human lives, while punctuality eats up daily wages, unable to cover basic needs.

In Patra

In the battle for the success of the 24-hour nationwide, construction strike, the Builders’ Union of Patrascontinuing his tours of major projects, construction sites and other work sites in and around the city.

Scales of it have toured the large construction sites of the new Patras – Pyrgos National Road under construction, in the big project in the former ABEX, in the work of biological purification, but also in projects within the city. The program continues, so that no worker is left uninformed, so that the demands claimed by the Federation reach everywhere, with the aim of killing the workplaces on the day of the strike, but also to hold a large strike gathering.

The conversations with the workers also include concerns about the developments with the massacre of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel, with the support of the USA – NATO – EU. The management of the Union calls on the workers to show their solidarity, to participate in the mobilizations organized by the Labor Center, labor unions and popular bodies, to condemn the crime against the Palestinian people, as well as the Greek involvement, with risks of a general ignition in the region.

On Monday night, the Union held a meeting where the employees of the sector discussed the content of the strike, the action of the union until today and the continuation until November 8, so that it would be a day – station for the competitive claim.

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