8 fairytale guesthouses in Greece for Christmas

8 fairytale guesthouses in Greece for Christmas
8 fairytale guesthouses in Greece for Christmas

Area Synest, Synevros

One of the most impressive and unique hotels of the entire Peloponnese in terms of design, the Synevros Area Synest Theme Park offers a unique relaxing experience to both young and old visitors.

In a landscape of incredible natural beauty, the Area Synestjust two hours away from Athens, it is inspired by the local legend about the fairies of the river Krios. According to him, the river fairies transformed themselves with the face of a bird and the body of a man and flew away. This is, after all, the reason that the tenants of Area Synest they will see in various areas of the hotel murals that represent the fairy-tale fairies of the Aries river, in an otherworldly form, half women and half birds.

Ducks and geese, a village of beautiful bunnies, a dovecot, hens and chickens, colorful parrots and Menios, the gentle donkey of the estate, will offer moments of joy to studious visitors of all ages and will prove to be the most perfect company all year round. And even more so, during the holidays, when Area Synest transforms into a big, Christmas paradise, full of countless sparkling lights and decorations, making even adults feel like children again.

As for the beautiful rooms of the guesthouse, they are certainly among the nicest you will ever see in any hotel in mountainous Greece, no matter where you choose to stay. Beautifully “dressed” with stone, wood and unique, decorative details (many of the decorative elements found in the rooms can also be found available in the Theme Park store) they are the most photogenic and impressive “refuges” that one could ask for in the heart of unexplored nature.

Synevro of Achaia, www.areasynest.gr

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