Far-right from Italy were arrested at “Venizelos” – Anti-fascist demonstration in the afternoon

Far-right from Italy were arrested at “Venizelos” – Anti-fascist demonstration in the afternoon
Far-right from Italy were arrested at “Venizelos” – Anti-fascist demonstration in the afternoon

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Thunderous anti-fascist “no” in the afternoon against the neo-Nazi gathering in New Heraklion • Police arrested 21 Italian far-right • Ban on gatherings

Neo-Nazis from Greece and abroad have been preparing a pan-European fiesta for a long time outside the former offices of Golden Dawn in Neo Heraklion, on the occasion of the ten years since the murders of Golden Dawn members Kapelonis and Foudoulis and with the “air” of the rise of the Far Right and the entry of Kasidiaris’ showcase party into the Greek parliament.

Last night the police arrested in “Eleftherios Venizelos” 21 members of far-right organizations from Italy, in the shadow of the fiasco, which had ended in the murder of Michalis Katsouris, when last August a convoy of Nazi hooligans with a heavy history of violence crossed the country’s borders unmolested , despite warnings.

Now “the Greek Police acted immediately and upon their arrival at the airport they were arrested and taken to the Directorate of Aliens, where they are detained, in order to start the process of administrative deportation against them for reasons of national security”.

Anti-fascist movements, anti-racist collectives, labor unions, organizations of the extra-parliamentary Left and the anarchist/anti-authoritarian space, local organizations and student associations have called for a protest against the gathering of neo-Nazis at 6 pm, in ISAP square, N. Heraklion.

The aim is also to send a resounding message against police brutality and repression, after the serious injury to the 16-year-oldlast Saturday, after an anti-fascist concert in the area.

EL.AS chose to prohibit “every public outdoor gathering” from 06.00 on 1-11-2023 to 06.00 on 2-11-2023 in the Prefecture of Attica, on the grounds that “there is a serious threat of disruption of socio-economic life, both in the areas where gatherings are announced as well as in the rest of the regions of the Prefecture of Attica, where it is probable that both the holding of similar gatherings and the simultaneous presence in a climate of polarization of concentrated groups”.

Yesterday, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, noted that the police will support the ban “with appropriate and appropriate measures” and noted that today’s anniversary is becoming “an occasion for the exchange of threats, events, anti-authoritarians, braggarts and far-right”.

According to information, more than 3,000 police officers have been recruited, from OPKE, DI.AS. and the MAT.

► By order of EL.AS, the “Heraklion” electric station will be closed at 14:00 until further notice and the trains will pass through it without making a stop.

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